Everyone Loves a Great Story

Everyone Loves a Great Story

As marketers we love storytelling. Stories can be told via blog posts, video or podcasts. We are highlighting one of our podcast stories, the first of 2021.

Antonietta Botticelli - A Transformation Story

Stuck in a controlling, mentally abusive relationship, Antonietta was a full-blown diabetic in 2016.  She could not tie her shoes or walk more than 20 minutes and had  a 20% chance of dying.

Fast forward to 2018 after much help from friends she shed 141 lbs, kicked diabetes to the curb, became a certified group fitness instructor, created a fitness program and reduced her chances of dying to less than 5%

Today she leads an online fitness class with 3000 people in her facebook community and she is also a Weight Watchers coach.

So if a healthy lifestyle is what you are looking for in 2021, tune in to our podcast to hear her four tips for a healthier lifestyle and the strategies she used to get her health back on track.

Enjoy this remarkable story of resilience and persistence.

Everyone Loves a Great Story