Engage your Staff to Drive Distribution

Engage your Staff to Drive Distribution

Klusster can help you engage your staff and team members to help distribute your content. AND your content can now be a Lead Generation Tool for your team!

Content is King. Distribution is Queen!  Businesses need content to tell their story, to build trust, to position as thought leaders in their industry, to be seen as connected to their community. However, if you are investing in creating content, you also need to be investing in your distribution strategy too.

The Klusster platform is focused on helping businesses get more distribution of their content by unlocking the power of a group to work together and drive traffic to the group's content.

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In the following, we will share how you can leverage Klusster to enable your staff to quickly and ealisy share your content to their social audiences.

The Social Reach of your Team

Consider 2 possible scenarios:

  1. You have a B2C product or service and you have a team working with you who value new clients coming in the door.  This could include Spas, Gyms, Retail Stores, Restaurants, Car Dealership, etc.
  2. You have a sales team who should be leveraging social media to build trust and generate new lead.  This could include Real Estate Brokers, Car Dealership, B2B Services, B2B products.

In both cases, your online presence can be significantly enhanced by engaging your staff in a simple and easy process to share your content to their collective social audiences.  Imagine if all the stylists in the salon shared the latest spa promotion to their friends and family on social media?  Imagine if a Real Estate team could easily share helpful content about the home selling/buying process and any leads generated are delivered directly to their inbox?

Let's see how this works!

Step 1:  Host your content in your Klusster portfolio.

Your Klusster portfolio is the library of content you have uploaded to Klusster. Your Portfolio Page includes lots of information about you and your business; links to your web site, your contact information and links to your various social media pages.

When a reader comes to your portfolio page, they will see the breadth and depth of topics and information you share and are passionate about.

Your Klusster Portfolio is like a Turn-Key Blog page all about you and your business.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the benefits of hosting your content on Klusster.

Engage your Staff to Drive Distribution

Step 2: Publish Your Content into a Klusster Publication

Publishing your content into a Klusster Publication turns on the Klusster Content Distribution Engine. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Step 3: Add Your Staff to Your Distribution Team

Invite your staff members to join your distribution team.  Simply enter the emal address of your staff to send them an invitation.

Engage your Staff to Drive Distribution

When they accept your invitation, they will begin receiving weekly email notifications with the most recent content you have published in your Klusster Publication.

This is what makes the distribution process so easy!  Right from the email, your staff member, with just 2 clicks, can post your content to their preferred social platform.

Engage your Staff to Drive Distribution

If someone in your team member's Facebook audience clicks on their post, the Klusster article page will load, and the team member would be credited with delivering ONE click.

As the team owner, you can see the number of "Clicks" each of your team members has brought back to your content as a result of their social sharing. On the team page above, you can see that of the 3 team members, Kim has delivered 160 clicks this month, and 516 clicks in total. Kim has driven that number of clicks by following the sharing process outlined above.

Generating Leads From your Content

Author Leads:

Each Klusster article includes a Call-to-Action or Lead Form. This form is customized by the author when they create the article to encourage their readers to reach out for a specific reason.

Engage your Staff to Drive Distribution

When a reader fills in this form, this is considered a lead. The Default is that the Author receives an email, notifying them that they have a lead, with all of the details from the form, and they can follow-up right away from there. Additionally, the lead information is also captured in a table that the Author can reference at a later date, and can export all leads to a .csv file that can be imported to other CRM applications.

To view your lead table, click on "My Leads" in the drop-down menu from your profile photo in the nav bar (top right of your screen). Your lead table will look something like this (Note: you can scroll to the right to view more details):

Engage your Staff to Drive Distribution

Team Leads:

There are numerous scenarios where it would make sense that the lead should actually go to the team member who shared the lead rather than to the account/person who wrote the content.

For Example: A company has a team of 10 sales people. The company creates content for the sales team to share to their social audiences on LinkedIn and Facebook. The content is informative to their audiences, builds trust with their audience, and some people in the team member's audience fill in the Call-to-Action/Lead Form as a result. In this case, it makes sense that the lead should go to the person who shared the content (the sales person) rather than to the Account who wrote the content (the company main account).

With Klusster - this is easy to do! There is a simple toggle in the content editor that the author of the content can select, when creating that article, to assign the lead to their team members who share the content.

Engage your Staff to Drive Distribution

When the author of the article selects the team member as the one who will see responses from the CTA/Lead form, the team member will receive an email with all the details of the lead immediately after the form is filled in, and the team member will have their own Lead Table with all of the leads they have generated as a result of sharing the content their company has created for them.

Summary: Team Alerts Help Engage your Staff and Drive Leads to Your Team

The Klusster Team Alerts program is a simple and effective way to quickly and easily get your staff and team involved in distributing your content. Simply load in your team emails into your Team Member Page. When your team members accept, they will receive regular emails notifying them of the latest content to share, and you will see real-time statistics on how much traffic (or clicks) each team member has delivered.

Furthermore, you may choose to assign the leads your content generates to your team members rather than you "you" the author of the content. This is a powerful tool for businesses who create content they want their teams to share, where they want their teams to be responsible for following up on the leads their sharing generates.

Klusster helps you get more from the content you have invested in creating!

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