Christmas Plans and Ideas during Covid

Christmas Plans and Ideas during Covid

While Christmas will certainly look different this year, that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate Christmas during this changing time.

As much as we would like for things to be “business as usual”, planning for Christmas 2020 requires a little more work to keep guests happy and healthy.

One thing has come to be expected: Change.

As Covid-19 case numbers rise and fall in your area, it’s best to check the CDC’s website for the most accurate information. Knowing your community status can help make the right way to celebrate Christmas, whether that’s canceling entirely or limiting the number of guests you’re inviting.

Winterize your Backyard

Because indoor gatherings pose more risk than outdoor gatherings, consider hosting Christmas outdoors. Keep warm with an outdoor tent, wearable blankets, hot hands, a fire pit, and outdoor heaters. Place blankets on each seat for guests, set up string lights or set out pillar candles to add a dose of joy.

Stay warm with hot cocoa, hot toddies, warm soup, served in individual servings. Serve drinks in festive thermoses or ask guests to bring their own.

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Outdoor Christmas Ideas for kids

• Have Santa make an appearance at an outdoor gathering, but instead of sitting on Santa’s lap, have the kids drop their wish list in his bag.

• Ice skating party is perfect for celebrating with your kid’s, have families meet you on the ice for a few laps around the rink.

• Christmas tree farms are the pumpkin patches of winter! Find a festive place near you with drinks or activities to make a whole day out of it.

Christmas ideas for adults

• If social distancing with family is the only way this year, why not arrange to meet in an open space and exchange gifts, share a meal, and play Christmas music either in your cars parked six feet apart or on chairs bundled up six feet apart.

• Bonfire party - If you live in a more rural area, celebrate Christmas around the fire this year with hearty soups and individually prepared snacks.

• Drive-by party - Stay nice and warm in your car, all while doing something festive.

• Admire the lights - Host a Christmas caravan or a neighborhood stroll to take in the Christmas lights.

• Baked goods drop-off - If you’re looking for social distancing Christmas ideas to keep your family busy, try baking! You will keep the kiddos occupied all day in the kitchen and then at night driving to friends and family’s houses to drop off your treats.

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Virtual Christmas party ideas for families

While Christmas is all about tradition, with a little creativity, you can pull off your favorite Christmas celebration ideas, virtually!

Game Night - Choose a game you can play online together, like charades or team trivia.

Family Christmas pajamas 2020 - Just because you aren’t celebrating in person doesn’t mean you can’t match! Send everyone the same pair of PJs to take a photo of the group on Zoom.

  • Zoom - whether you’re running low on sleep or just want to look your best on camera, use the “Touch Up My Appearance” filter that displays your video with a soft focus.
  • Google Hangouts - hang out with up to twenty-five guests on your desktop, iPhone, or Android.
  • Group FaceTime - for smaller get-togethers, set up a date to chat with FaceTime on your iPhone.
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Netflix Party - If you want to Netflix and chill as a group, Netflix party is a Chrome extension that allows you to sync your movie or show with your friends. Plus, it includes a group chat feature to share your commentary without interrupting the movie.

Decorations aren’t the only important supplies you’ll need to host a Covid Christmas party this year. Include extra cleaning supplies and sanitizers when setting your budget.

  • Set up hand sanitizer stations at all entrances or exits, in the kitchen, and in bathrooms. Especially when hosting outside where access to running water is limited.
  • Swap regular hand towels for single-use disposable paper hand towels.
  • Stock up on paper plates, cups, napkins, and serve ware.
  • Ask guests to BYO face mask but have extras on hand if anyone forgets.
Lee Pryke, I Am I Can Intuitive Life Coach

It may seem like a lot of planning and extra work this Christmas but the ultimate goal is spending quality time with our family and friends, however that looks, and keeping everyone healthy, happy, and safe going into the New Year with hope that soon enough we will all be able to hug and kiss our loved ones once again.

Lee Pryke is an Intuitive Life Coach and is available to have a conversation for anyone who is feeling challenged by these changing times,.