Chickens & #localbusiness Challenge

Chickens & #localbusiness Challenge

3 challenges. 3 ways to grow your business.

Fact #1

Local Businesses Are Like Chickens


It's true. The local business owner often feel like they are running around like a chicken with their head cut off. Why? Because it is tough to own a local business.

The local business owner is over-the-top busy.  Sales, marketing, doing the books, sweeping the floors, actually looking after customers, you definitely do it all. Not to mention the business owners that have families.  Making lunches, soccer practice. Sheeesh.

What can we do?

Challenge #1: If you are a local business owner and reading this, pick 2, just 2 things to outsource and give the task to someone else.

If we spend a bit of time thinking where can we use a bit of help, we might be able to focus what you do best!

Whatever it is, know that it's going to take a bit of time for it to find its rhythm.

However, it won't be long before you wonder what you did without them.

Fact #2

Local Business success can be influenced by people.

It doesn't matter if you are a local accountant, dressmaker or pastry chef, getting out in your community can really help build momentum.

In fact, if you get out there, and meet people, many people actually want to find ways to support you. You have heard the saying that word of mouth marketing is the most powerful form...We happen to agree, and we are online marketers.

When you talk to people, you can gauge so much.  Do they understand your business?  Does your pricing make sense? Do people like your brand?  Face-to-face contact is a trust builder.  Trust is the key to business.

Challenge #2: Attend 2 networking events each month. Can't find them? Go to and search your city and sign up to attend.

You can do it!. Get out there!

Fact #3

It is VERY hard to consistently put content online. We get it.

It's funny, people knew the Internet was big.  People knew that most every day they went to Google to search something.  Yet for some reason, there was a point many stopped consistently creating content online.

The reason? Because it's not easy running around like a chicken and having to write content on "How to Change Oil".  This was never the need before, so businesses, in fairness, didn't see the value.

Ok, look, you are not alone.  It's not easy to run a business and put content up on a regular basis and back then, well the need wasn't as obvious.

However, as local business owners, we no longer have a choice. Putting content online is like putting an ad in the yellow pages. You just got to be there.  After all, Google can't find you if you don't have content for Google to search.

Fortunately, there are incredible fellow local professionals that can help you with this task.

Challenge #3 - Commit to content.

There are 2 things you can do (Outsource) right now to get more online visibility:

  1. You can clean up the words on your website.  Think of the terms your clients are using to find you in google and be sure you have a page all about that specific term.  We have so many clients that had a single page of content, and didn't really offer much more than the name of their company.  Be explicit and detailed about the services and value you offer.
  2. You can partner up with fellow local business owners (PEERS) or your staff to create a branded publication for your business.  If two or more people are creating content, it's much easier than trying to everything on your own.  HINT:

Regardless of your strategy, consistent content creation getting spread throughout the Internet will help you catch up and grow your business online again.

Below is an example of how one Klusster user's ORGANIC GOOGLE search results improved as a result of committing to content.

add, content, consistently, challenge


It's tough to be a local business owner.  Hopefully, these challenges can help you grow, reduce stress (reduce your chicken-ness) and have more FUN running your business.