ISO 9001 Quality management system – Iraq

ISO 9001 Quality management system – Iraq

ISO 9001 Certification from Expert Certifier ensure to the client that products and services are safe, reliable and of superior quality. For business, ...

ISO 9001 Certification :

ISO 9001 Certification in Iraq is playing major role in the market. Before getting to discuss ISO 9001 Certification Iraq will see the importance of ISO. ISO is an independent Organization publishes International Standards for all kinds of products and services with common agreed terms and conditions. ISO has published over 18000 different standards and every standard serves a special purpose. These standards are internationally accepted and same across all Organizations regardless of its type, size and sector.

ISO 9000 family standards describe quality and its management system. Quality generally is claimed by comparison of two products/services that reach customer requirement. The management system for quality in companies is for controlling the standard. ISO publishes Quality Management System standards in ISO 9000 family.

As common with all standards ISO 9001 Standard consists of Requirements – It tells basic needs which all companies must have, Code of Practice - It tells process of implementation, and Guidance – It tells process on the way to improve system here during this case it's associated with Quality Management System. Organizations now days want to implement internationally accepted ISO quality management standards to urge advantage of global marketplace for its quality products/services.

For ISO 9001 Consultant in Iraq, the essential need is to first fully understand, knowledge and awareness of ISO 9001 family of standards. Prepare the method, checklist of the things as a part of plan process. Determine the steps for implementation. Cross verify the implementation steps by internal evaluation as a part of check process. Next process is ‘Act’ which is the results of the check process. This circle of process should be performed repeatedly by ISO 9001 Consultant in Iraq which helps to enhance Quality Management System.

The requirements of ISO 9001 standard are as follows:

By yielding with the ISO 9001 Certification in Iraq an organization will enhance its quality by showing customers that its merchandise and services meet expectations. Achieving ISO 9001 certification in Iraq implies that an organization has demonstrated the following:

1. Follows the rules of the ISO 9001 standard

2. Fulfills its own needs

3. Meets customer needs and statutory and regulatory requirements

4. Maintains documentation

Who is ISO 9001 for?

ISO 9001  is meant to suite organizations of all kinds, sizes and sectors. In fact, one among the key improvements of the newly revised ISO 9001 in Iraq was to form it more applicable and accessible to all or any sorts of enterprises.

What is a top quality management system?

Quality management system is a system based approach of the organization to manage its processes to well define and meet the wants of its customers. ISO 9001 Certification in Iraq is centered on the concept of drive towards continual improvement. Its focus is to satisfy the objectives of “quality” & “meeting customer needs” from the organizations perspective by defining it's a process approach.

How it'll benefit my business or organization?

Adherence to a top quality management system will improve organization performance.

The Organization undertaking overall Assessment of context in operations to define the affected parties and therefore the scope of operational objectives, will enhance the team capabilities with the diversification and increase in new business opportunity.

A customer first, is the constant striving factor for organization, embracing market trend and to exceed customer expectation driving to please. This, successively results in more satisfied clients, increased repeat orders and increased business for the organization.

ISO 9001 Certification in Iraq: Benefits

Process inside any organization must be aligned with the manpower practice to deliver effective results, the well standardized process will enable manpower to align and understand the objectives and drive to extend productivity, delivering efficiency and bringing down the operational cost.

Meeting the national and international statutory and regulatory requirements. Enabling to expand operations into new locations. Identify and address the risks related to the operation and brand development for organization.

ISO 9001 Certification from Expert Certifier ensure to the client that products and services are safe, reliable and of superior quality. For business, they're strategic tools that reduce costs by minimizing waste and errors and increasing productivity.

Our Approach

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Why Certify With Us?

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