ISO 9001 Certification in UAE

ISO 9001 Certification in UAE

ExpertCertifier is one of leading brand in the ISO consulting and certification sector , offering international quality management consulting and  certification

Introduction To ISO:

ISO 9001 changed into posted on 15th September 2015. The popular sets out the criteria for a nice control certification. It may be utilized by any agency, big or small, no matter its field of interest which includes manufacturing, offerings, establishments, fitness or another region. There are over one million groups in over 171 international locations licensed to ISO 9001 Quality Management Systems.To know more about ISO 9001 certification in UAE contact our expertcertifier.

The fashionable is based totally on numerous first-class management standards together with a sturdy patron focus, the inducement and implication of top management, the process method and chronic improvement. Using ISO 9001:2015 in UAE allows make sure that customers get steady, proper quality products and services, which in turn brings many business blessings. Certification may be a useful device to feature credibility, by means of demonstrating that your service or product meets the expectations of your clients. For a few industries, certification is a prison or contractual requirement.

EXPERT CERTIFIER has been accredited certification body for quality management systems based totally on and has certified more than 5000 groups worldwide including Indian Railways, Indian Oil, ONGC and so on. The auditors have proven competence in the subject and work with all sincerity and due professionalism.

Certification Process

The certification method includes following fundamental steps. For further information kindly see procedure for certification system inside the down load phase.


Client submits the application form to EXPERT CERTIFIER (Application for Certification).

Review of Application via EXPERT CERTIFIER:

EXPERT CERTIFIER reviews the application to check if the requisite offerings may be furnished and accordingly prepares the quotation/ estimate and the contract (Certification audit settlement).

Audit planning:

Once the settlement is signed, EXPERT CERTIFIER makes the audit programme and tell the consumer.


Initial certification consists of two tiers evaluation. Re-certification includes best one level. The evaluation is carried out via the crew on the web sites towards the applicable standards. The file is provided to consumer figuring out the compliance degree such as any nonconformity.

Verification of Non-conformity:

Client submits the implemented or proposed motion based totally at the class of non-conformity. EXPERT CERTIFIER reviews the moves.

Certification Decision:

EXPERT CERTIFIER takes certification choice based at the report submitted by the audit crew. If selection is in favour of supply of certification, a Certificate is issued to the customer.

Surveillance assessment:

Surveillance evaluation are held as in line with the periodicity described and agreed. First surveillance inside one year from the date of the degree 2 audit. Certificate is maintained based on the final results of the surveillance audit and compliance with the necessities. First Surveillance within one year from the date of certification choice date.


Before expiry of the certificate, re certification is deliberate and conducted.

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