ISO 27001 Certification in Nigeria

ISO 27001 Certification in Nigeria

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An Information Security Management System may be a management system supported a scientific business risk approach, to determine , implement, operate, monitor, review, maintain, and improve information security. It's an organizational approach to information security. ISO 27001 (BS 7799) Certification in Nigeria may be a standard for information security that focuses on an organization- ISMS.

By getting ISO 27001 Certified there's the potential for increased business in both current and new markets. additionally , there's an overall improvement within the service/product quality being offered to the client. Having a certification in situ will provide a definite advantage over other competitors and helps your ability in client acquisitions.

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Businesses are thriving in an era where digital footprint of the organizations are constantly growing at an exponential rate. This includes humongous data within the sort of information about members, records of knowledge coming in and sent out of the corporate . Storing and managing such a quantity of data is task enough and at an equivalent time susceptible to multiple risks. These risks might not be limited to digital domain; breaches may happen through unexpected sources. ISO 27001:2013 may be a global standard certification which is understood as a best practice in Information Security Management System.

The ISO 27001 certification in Abuja will aid your company to manage and protect your information assets and values table data.This international standard is recognized globally for managing risks to the safety of data you hold.

ISO 27001 certification in Abuja allows you to convince your clients and other stakeholders that you simply are managing the safety of your information.

Benefits of ISO 27001 certification in Lagos –


It might appear odd to list this because the initial profit, however it always shows the fastest “return on investment” – if a corporation should follow to numerous rules concerning data protection, privacy and IT governance (particularly if it’s a monetary, health or government organization), then ISO 27001 can usher in the methodology which enables to try to to it within the most effective way.

Marketing edge

In a market which is becoming more and more competitive, it's sometimes very difficult to seek out something which will differentiate you within the eyes of your customers. ISO 27001 in Lagos might be indeed a singular point , especially if you handle clients’ sensitive information.

Lowering the expenses

Information security is usually considered as a price with no obvious gain. However, there’s gain if you lower your expenses caused by incidents. you almost certainly do have interruption in commission , or occasional data leakage, or disgruntled employees or disgruntled former employees. the reality is, there's still no methodology and/or technology to calculate what proportion money you'll save if you prevented such incidents. But it continuously sounds sensible if you bring such cases to management’s attention.

Putting your business so as

This one is perhaps the foremost underrated – if you're a corporation which has been growing sharply for the previous couple of years, you would possibly experience problems like – who has got to decide what, who is liable for certain information assets, who has got to authorize access to information systems etc.

ISO 27001 Certification in Lagos is especially good in sorting this stuff out – it'll force you to define very precisely both the responsibilities and duties and thus strengthen your internal organization.

How ISO 27001 helps in Lagos?

A huge a part of business activities has become hooked in to Information and communication technology. Business became more electronic than at any time before. consistent with small and medium enterprises play a crucial role within the economics of developing countries. ISO 27001 certification in Lagos may be a well-known standard for establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and improving an Information Security Management System. ISO 27001 certification in Nigeria is that the most universally accepted standard for information security. ISMS applied to everyone, wherever they're and whatever they are doing in your organization. Organization got to consider systems and procedures that everybody must follow. this may assist you to scale back the danger which results in a breach. Every information asset must be covered by your Information Security Management System.

By achieving ISO 27001 certification in Lagos, are going to be ready to help your organization –

Provide you with a competitive advantage.

‎Enhanced customer satisfaction that improves client retention

‎Consistency within the delivery of your services.

Provide customers and stakeholders confidently in the way to manage risk.

ISO 27001 in Calabar defines ten security control areas and defines their objectives:

Information Security Policy

‎Information security incident management

‎Business continuity


‎Asset Management

‎Human Resource Management

‎Organization of data security

‎Physical and environmental security

‎Information security acquisition

Communication and operation management

How Consultant from Expert Certifier helps you to implement ISO 27001 in Ibadan?

Consultant follows certain steps while implementing ISO 27001 in Ibadan, the subsequent steps are:

Stage 1 Gap Analysis

Analysis of gaps in your current system against the wants of ISO 27001.

Stage 2 Risk Assessment

An asset register is ready which contains all the knowledge assets of the organization.

Stage 3 Risk Treatment

Preparing the knowledge security policies and various procedures to implement ISO 27001.

Stage 4 ISMS Review

ISO 27001 consultant from Expert Certifier will guide and prepare the client team to conduct Internal audit.

Stage 5 Certification Audit

At last, you'll face the auditor from Certification Body. we'll assist you within the closure of any non-conformities noted by the external auditors and help in achieving the ISO 27001 certification in Ibadan

ISO 27001 certification in Ibadan helps to implement organization to guard your information assets by eliminating vulnerabilities.ISO 27001 certifications gives organization freedom to develop their own information security management systems. We hope this blog is useful for you. ISO 27001 Consultant in Ibadan are on a mission to form sure that organizations have great management system in situ in order that they can operate more effectively and efficiently.

How to get ISO/IEC 27001:2013 certification in Nigeria– Consultants in Nigeria?

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