ISO 17025 Laboratory Management System-Louisiana

ISO 17025 Laboratory Management System-Louisiana

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What is ISO 17025 Standard?

ISO 17025 in Louisiana defines the overall requirements for the competence of testing and calibration laboratories & is the international reference for testing and calibration laboratories eager to demonstrate their capacity to deliver reliable results. Renowned Laboratory experts from all over the world have taken the initiative to develop the ISO 17025 standard. Companies that have adapted this process reported a big increase in quality processes and operational efficiency.

We have been related to organizations across the world for ISO 17025 accreditation project. Whether you may be a small organization or a multinational corporation, our proven consultation solutions will make sure that you implement ISO 17025 standard within the best manner with timely project completion.

Consultants of our organization assist your company in your quality management initiative through ISO 17025 accreditation to urge your company ISO 17025 accredited quickly, with simple implementation, and within the most cost-effective manner. We confirm that ISO 17025 standard implementation doesn't remain just a documented activity, but prevails as how of life for the organization, laying a foundation for Total Quality Management and a quality-conscious organizational culture.

Expert Certifier is one among the most important and leading company of ISO 17025 Certification in Louisiana. We are transnational ISO accreditation certification with clients across the world. We offer quick, result-oriented, and straightforward to implement, consultation and training for ISO 17025 certificates.

Our customers are utilizing our services not only for initial accreditation consultation, but also for post-accreditation consultation to form sure that our consultants regularly add value to the tactic & quality standardization initiatives and business processes of our customers.

Benefits of ISO 17025:2107 Certification:

Formal recognition of competence of a laboratory by an Accreditation body in accordance with international criteria has many advantages:

Savings in terms of some time and money because of reduction or elimination of the need for re-testing of products.

Potential increase in business because of enhanced customer confidence and satisfaction.

Better control of laboratory operations and feedback to laboratories on whether or not they need sound Quality Assurance System and are technically competent.

Increase of confidence in Testing / Calibration data and personnel performing work.

Users of accredited laboratories will enjoy greater access for his or her products, in both domestic and international markets, when tested by accredited laboratories.

Customers can search and identify the laboratories accredited by NABL for his or her specific requirements from the Directory of Accredited Laboratories.

How can Expert Certifier adviser help to urge ISO 17025 Certification?

Expert Certifier is one of the few organizations worldwide providing consultancy within the sector of ISO 17025:2107 or NABL standard Accreditation. We are specialized in value added consultancy for the entire range of ISO system certifications globally. We provide ISO 17025 / NABL consulting and end to end Accreditation training for ensuring world class quality management system in your laboratory. The foremost recent revision of ISO/IEC 17025:2017 was released May 15, 2005. We specialized in Laboratory Quality Systems and should provide you with a high quality Manual, Training, and Consulting Services to satisfy the requirements of the new standard. Additionally to planning, development, and implementation, we help our clients cooperatively work with ISO 17025 accreditation organizations just like the American Association for Laboratory Accreditation, National Quality Assurance, and National Accreditation Board for Laboratories - NABL.

Expert Certifier offers comprehensive services which can assist you achieve your ISO 17025 Certification quality goals. We can:

Conduct an initial gap analysis

Assist you determine policies and objectives

Identify documentation requirements

Make assignments and prepare schedules

Prepare documentation

Coordinate document preparation, reviews, approvals, and production

Manage implementation schedules, training, follow-up actions

Assist you decide on a Registrar that has experience in your industry

Prepare status reports and monitor progress and achieve successful accreditation.

In addition to consulting (onsite and online), we provide following training

ISO 17025 Overview Training

ISO 17025 for the small Laboratory

Developing Your Laboratory Quality System Documentation

Auditor training

Estimation of Measurement Uncertainty

ISO 17025 implementation training

Why Implement ISO 17025 Standards?

ISO 17025 is the unique and favorite ISO standard for calibration and testing laboratories across the world .ISO 17025 accredited laboratories have demonstrated that they are technically competent and prepared to supply the accurate test results and calibration data.

Laboratory that are accredited with ISO 17025 Standard are able to progress few key factors in conjunction with the accurate test result and calibration data

Technical competence of staff


Maintenance of kit

Quality assurance of test and calibration data

Validity and appropriateness of test methods

Quality of testing environment and sampling

This course will enable you to:

Confirm your knowledge of the key requirements of ISO/IEC 17025:2017 Standard

Design and structure a correct laboratory quality management system that meets the requirements of the standard

Understand the management, technical and support processes required to implement the system

Perform risk assessments and develop quality objectives as required by the standard

Plan the implementation steps required to understand accreditation.


This course comprises eight sessions, which use practical examples, to help you understand the thanks to implement various aspects of a laboratory management system:

Session 1: ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and accreditation

Session 2: the quality management system

Session 3: Test/calibration methods

Session 4: Management considerations

Session 5: Technical considerations

Session 6: Quality considerations

Session 7: Risks and opportunities

Session 8: Implementation and thus the accreditation process

How to get ISO 17025:2017 certification-Consultation in Louisiana?

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