ISO 14001 Environmental management system – Iraq

ISO 14001 Environmental management system – Iraq

Using ISO 14001 as mentioned any Organization whether it's going to be single-site or multi-national, Public/private sector, Small/Medium/Large scale,...

ISO 14001 Certification in Iraq is playing major role in the market to urge brand value of our company. ISO 14001 is a family of environmental management standards. It represents requirements for designing and implementing an efficient Environmental Management System across all industries regardless of its type, size and sector. ISO 14001 certification in Iraq is performed by third-party consultants instead of being awarded by ISO directly. All standards are periodically reviewed by ISO to make sure they still meet market requirements. The present version is ISO 14001:2015.

The benefits to conformance or certification to the ISO 14001:2015 standard is that a corporation is following process to preserve our natural resources of worldwide Environment. Aside from it there is more benefits to improve the worldwide image to an ISO 14001 certified organizations allowing it to participate for acquiring global contracts with global clients. ISO 14001 Certification services in Iraq the system in a corporation aid in environment care and its proven framework meets various legal, regulatory and contractual requirements. The effective Environmental Management System helps to spot, control, and reduces the amount of environmental incidents there by reducing liability costs of fines, cleanup, and repairs. The essential documented principle of Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle will help to trace the opportunities, risks, improvements, recover procedures well beforehand.

Using ISO 14001 as mentioned any Organization whether it's going to be single-site or multi-national, Public/private sector, Small/Medium/Large scale, Manufacturing/Suppliers etc. help to scale back the negative environmental impact and reducing costs. During this global competitive market, a Startup Organization would primarily look to determine and initial growth to urge stability. The Startup Companies may feel the danger for initial expenditure for implementing Environmental Management System EMS but they ought to focus to know the future benefits beyond the straightforward Environmental care.

Defining effective Processes:-

Using the guidance within the published ISO 14001, the famous PDCA cycle model would assist in defining the reprocesses. It saves both time and money valuable commodities for Startup’s.

Return of Investment:

The effective EMS implementation will assist you identify your risks, utility expenses, environmental wastes, staple wastes etc., this may help saving your costs in early trade cycle of Startups. It also helps in participation/acquiring of worldwide contracts that need ISO 14001 Audit in Iraq.

Reduce Employee Turnover:

ISO 14001 implementation in Iraq would give positive benefit as you're striving to scale back the environment wastes. The workers now days like better to work for such eco-friendly Organizations for extended duration, this is able to benefit to scale back employee attrition and saving costs.

Higher Success rate of Implementation:

The success rate of implementing and confirming to the ISO 14001 standard generally is more when implemented in early Startup companies. it might create good foundation of environmental framework which will easily be integrated with other aspects like Quality management etc. the continual improvement of the processes are often organized during a more strategic and better way for addressing your risks with opportunities.

External Communication:

The recognition and following of effective EMS communicates to the purchasers, Stakeholders that products/services strictly follow processes to be eco-friendly. It provide visibility in global market and boosts Organization reputation.

With the above a Startup should get first implementation of EMS process in its early trade cycle to future benefits of ISO 14001.

Some of the Environment Policies are:

Be environmentally responsible

Comply with all relevant environmental legislation, regulations and other requirements

Incorporate environmental better practice into our core management processes

Efficiently use resources including reusing and recycling where possible

Strive to repeatedly improve our environmental performance through a strong EMS within our business framework that meets ISO 14001 requirements

Encourage an environmental awareness among all staff

Ensure we work closely with our customers, suppliers, local communities, and other interested parties to repeatedly improve our processes in environmentally better practice

Reduce our energy and resource using to a sustainable minimum scale

How does one start to implement ISO 14001? What’s involved?

Firstly, you would like to gauge the effect your organization has on the environment. You, then, got to prioritize ways during which you would possibly reduce them. Next, identify the boundaries of your management system and document your procedures for implementing the wants of ISO 14001. You’ll get to ensure these procedures are implemented then audited. If you've got ISO 14000 systems many of the wants of ISO 14001 will already be covered, or can easily be incorporated into them. Once you've got an environmental management system, you'll prefer to have it externally audited. Following a successful audit by an accredited certification body, you'll be issued with a certificate of registration to ISO 14001. This demonstrates that your organization is committed to environmental issues and is ready to figure towards improving the environment. It also gives a competitive edge to the company's marketing and enhances its image within the eyes of consumers, employees, and shareholders.


Six to eight weeks after your gap analysis (when we benchmark your current practices against the standard), one among our assessors will visit you to certify your improved system against the quality.

Once you are certified, we'll provide you with a certificate and a marketing pack which incorporates web logos and vehicle decals. We’ll also offer you access to our exclusive online client area and supply you with a letter to be ready to announce to your clients and key stakeholders.

How to get ISO 14001:2015 certification in Iraq – Consultants in Iraq?

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