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ExpertCertifier is one of leading brand in the ISO consulting and certification sector , offering international quality management consulting and  certification

What is ISO 22301 Certification?

ISO 22301 is the first international standard for societal security - business continuity. This standard shows structure for managing business continuity in a corporation.To know more about ISO 22301 certification in Maryland contact our expertcertifier.

Benefits of ISO 22301 Certification:

Improved understanding of the business.

Risks are reduced by implementing risk assessment.

Downtime is reduced due to identifying alternate works.

Compliance issues are often identified and managed for alternative processes.

Important records associated with business are often maintained and guarded .

Effectiveness of operations is completely improved.

Ensuring continuity of supply.

The Importance and Advantages of ISO 22301 Certification:

The milestones during this consultancy program include

Risk Assessment supported with risk assessment method.

Calculation of the Recovery Time Objectives.

Determining Business continuity strategy.

BCM Excersing.

Internal audits and assistance in Management Review.

ISO 22301 acknowledges you the power to secure data backups, minimize major losses and maximize the recovery time of critical functions. With ISO 22301 certification in Maryland, you'll enhance your knowledge and skills and you'll be ready to advise your organization on best practices within the management of business continuity. As long as, you'll improve your ability to analyze and make decisions within the context of business continuity management.

The QMS process gets your business certified for success:


Our nationwide team of consultants and auditors has provided certifications to clients starting from SMEs to blue chip organizations across a broad spectrum of verticals and industries.


Our processes add value at every stage, without taking over unwarranted management time. We plan to provide you with the simplest possible value for money – including a price promise from the outset, alongside the power to stagger payments at no extra cost.


We remove the bureaucratic procedure and paperwork for you, making the method as smooth and uncomplicated as possible, and ensuring you get the framework that works for you.

ISO 22301 Certification Process:

Our 3 Stage Certification Process:

Stage 1: Documentation

A QMS consultant will visit your organization to examine your existing processes and procedures and assist you understand where you're in reference to where the ISO Standard requires you to be. They’re going to use their findings to supply a report which details any changes that require to be made so as to realize Certification.

During their time with you they're going to also produce a Documented Management System which defines your documented information or, if you favor, we will provide a template for you to write down this yourself.

Stage 2: Implementation

Now it's time to form those changes (if applicable). Once the gap analysis is complete we'll issue you with a replica of the report, confirming everything that was discussed. You’ll get to make sure that all of the highlighted non-conformities are addressed before arranging subsequent visit.

Stage 3: Certification

To gain certification, an accredited auditor will visit your organization to see that each one of the specified processes and procedures are in place – and, more importantly, are being followed correctly. If any non-conformity were identified during the gap-analysis, the auditor will get to see evidence that these are addressed.

Why do you have to work with Expert Certifier for Assessment?

With years of experience helping organizations like yours, Expert Certifier for Assessment is the ideal option to complete your ISO 22301 audit and certification.

Some best practices in gaining management buy-in for an ISO 22301 certification program include:

Ensuring participation of key process owners. People have tons to try doing and don’t wish to complete mundane tasks like filling out business impact analysis information. The simplest to avoid apathy are to automate the gathering of this data and make it easy for users to populate this information in an easy-to-use system. Then confirm they understand how they will use this information productively. Sell the advantages of the business impact analysis to the method owner by helping them find ways to enhance their program.

Provide the required resources:

Demonstrate the business value of ISO certification in business terms (i.e. days sales, outstanding creep, revenue loss, delay penalties, premium freight cost, reputational risk and supreme loss of the business).

Make sure everything is roofed within the risk analysis and business impact analysis.

Utilize a structured methodology to spot risks and their impacts on the business.

Make sure your methodology includes every department within your organization to demonstrate the risks and business impacts on the whole enterprise.

Make the program easy to know.

Appoint a business continuity champion and provides the access to senior leadership to evangelize.

Include senior management in high level business continuity management awareness events and desktop exercises.

What Other Services can we provide you?

Expert Certifier for Assessment is a one-stop buy all of your certification and training needs, adding value to your organization and helping you achieve your objectives.

Before your audit, we will provide you with an analysis to assist you understand if you're ready for ISO 22301 certification.

Our extensive training portfolio will further support your organization in meeting its goals. Get in-tuned with us to seek out more about the complete range of services we will offer to you.

You for sure will have compelling processes at your company that ensure you’re ready for everyday operations, but also you’ll still be left unprepared to face the unexpected challenges. Challenges occur when we’re least expecting them, it’s very important to demonstrate excellent challenges management skills and keep the team active.

How to get ISO 22301 certification in Maryland – Consultants in Maryland?

Our masters have more than 15 plus years of global experience, with hands-on experience in the field of ISO certification, assessment and training.

With Expert Certifier your Business and process excellence is guaranteed.

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