CMMI Certification in Kenya

CMMI Certification in Kenya

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What is CMMI Certification?

CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) Certification in Kenya is a process improvement model that helps the organizations to follow the simplest practices. The model is often used as a suggestion for process improvement on any project or a department or maybe the entire organization.

The stated goal of the CMMI Institute is to “enable organizations to elevate and benchmark performance across a wide range of critical business capabilities, including product development, service excellence, workforce management, data management, supplier management, and cyber security.”

Organizations that want to better understand how their practices compare to CMMI best practices and want to implement CMMI practices often start with an appraisal. Generally, a business decides to be appraised to:

Evaluate how the organization’s processes compare to CMMI best practices and to determine areas of improvement.

Share information with customers or suppliers about how the organization compares to CMMI best practices.

Comply with contractual terms of customers.

What benefits will I get by doing CMMI?

CMMI is a compilation of industries best practices which is usually recommended. There are multiple benefits of implementing CMMI in your organization they are as follows:

Improved consistency

Cost savings for the organization

Immense scope for self improvement

Get a foothold over your competitors and increase your market share

Consistent performance demand

Reduced fire-fighting mode,

Zero defects

Process improvement.

Many organizations use CMMI ratings for branding purposes and also to prequalify as a preferred partner in many scenarios.

What is difference between CMMI and ISO certification?

CMMI is a process model while ISO is an audit standard. CMMI model guides you to get processes specific to your needs while ISO standard is same for all the organizations. CMMI focuses on ingraining the processes as a part of the organization culture while ISO is more inclined towards confirming the adherence of the standard while these activities won't be of much relevance. In short, CMMI is more focused, complex and aligned with business objectives while ISO is flexible, wider in scope and indirectly linked to business objectives.

How much time entire process will take?

The time taken for the whole process varies from organization to organization. A mean time taken for CMMI Maturity Level 3 implementation lies between 6-9 months and 12-15 months for Maturity Level 5.

How will Expert Certifier help our organization in getting CMMI?

We are CMMI Institute partner for providing CMMI appraisal and training and have performed successful appraisals and effective consulting projects. Expert Certifier has an expert team of consultants who will guide and support your organization throughout the journey. Expert Certifier has associate Lead Appraisers and High Maturity Lead Appraisers across the state. Our CMMI Consulting services include CMMI certification, CMMI consultancy, CMMI training and CMMI Appraisals. We work with our customers closely to supply end-to-end CMMI Consulting services in Kenya and across the world.

What’s the validity of CMMI rating?

CMMI is valid for 3 years from the date of being appraised.

Is there any surveillance audit required in CMMI?

Unlike ISO there are no surveillance audits in CMMI. Once appraised there'll be no verification from CMMI Institute.

Location isn't a constraint for Expert Certifier. We’ve presence everywhere in Kenya and across the world.

They are five CMMI maturity levels. They are as follows:

Initial: Processes are seen as unpredictable, poorly controlled, and reactive. Businesses in this stage have an unpredictable environment that leads to increased risks and inefficiency.

Managed: Processes are characterized by projects and are frequently reactive.

Defined: Processes are well-characterized and well-understood. The organization is more proactive than reactive, and there are organization-wide standards that provide guidance.

Quantitatively managed: Processes are measured and controlled. The organization is using quantitative data to implement predictable processes that meet organizational goals.

Optimizing: Processes are stable and flexible. The organizational focus is on continued improvement and responding to changes.

Organizations worldwide are continually faced with operational challenges. So as to satisfy specific business goals, it's imperative to streamline the operations. With CMMI certification, you'll smoothly integrate the functions of the organization and link the goals to reinforce the processes. You’ll also set a uniform guideline for quality.

CMMI appraisal drives the corporate towards decision-making, project and process management, which is predicated on measurements. It seems both, people and process because the assets of the organizations and focuses on integrating them to satisfy the business goals. The advantages of CMMI are seen in equally of the merchandise and services offered. Improved quality and delivery is the ultimate result, which results in higher customer satisfaction. It also helps in sustaining consistent quality across geographical boundaries.

Why Expert Certifier?

Our consultants at Expert Certifier are leaders in their respective fields and function coaches, facilitators, and trusted advisors to our clients. Our focus and commitment is to drive the CMMI program to a successful conclusion, working with the organization as an extended arm on a scheduled basis to incrementally put your organisation on the trail to achieving CMMI certification. We help organisations institutionalize the CMMI practices by providing:

Base-lining of Appraisal Objectives with Appraisal Sponsor

Mapping of Appraisal Objectives with Organizational Objectives

Determination of Focus Projects (Representation Sampling)

Process Gap Identification & Analysis

Appraisal Team Formation and Training

Process Implementation

Internal Audits to watch implementation

Appraisal Facilitation

How to get CMMI?

Our masters have more than 15 plus years of global experience, with hands-on experience in the field of CMMI certification, appraisal and training.

With ExpertCertifier your Business and process excellence is guaranteed.

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