How to Repair Summer Hair Damage

How to Repair Summer Hair Damage

You're not alone if you've found yourself with sun or chlorine-damaged hair after the summer and holiday beach trips. Waters Edge Salon has you covered!

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Summer is a time for fun in the sun — unfortunately, this can cause damage to your hair, even with the right preventative measures. Rest assured, things will be okay — we have plenty of helpful products and solutions for repairing damaged hair once summer comes to an end.

In general, it’s best to give your hair plenty of love and care before it gets damaged, as well as planning recurrent visits to your Davines salon. But even when the damage has already occurred, your Waters Edge Salon stylist has you covered! There is a tailored treatment to help your strands fully recover from summer hair damage.

Let's explore how you can bring your locks back to life with the help of a Waters Edge Davines hair stylists!

Cleansing - Hair regeneration starts with the basics: a delicate Nourishing shampoo. Your hairstylist will damp your scalp and hair, massaging in gently. Then the stylist will rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary.

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Restructuring - A keratin treatment can be the holy grail for damaged hair. Your hairdresser can choose between our Keratin Booster Superactive and the Keratin Wonder Superactive, or even use both depending on the damage level of your hair.

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Gloss or Shine - Damaged hair can be dull and lacking lustre. But in-salon, your strands can recover their shine thanks to our permanent and demi-permanent colour lines carried at Waters Edge Salon: Finest Pigments

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Nourishing - In this phase, your hairdresser will pamper your hair with some extra-nourishment. For fine hair, the stylist may prefer Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Conditioner. For thick hair, it's even better with the Nourishing Vegetarian Miracle Mask.

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Scalp Care - Last but not least, there's a leave-on Mineralizing Scalp Treatment.

Using the special applicator, your hairdresser will spread the product over the scalp, massaging gently.

Book your Appointment - Bring your hair back to its original beauty; your Waters Edge Salon hairstylist is waiting for you!

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New Product

Another product great for travelling, camping, or as an alternative is our Solid Shampoo Bar, great for gentle daily cleansing on all hair types. It is a solid texture that develops into a rich creamy foam during application to give softness, shine and silky texture.

Lasting up to 40 washings, wrapped in 100% recyclable paper

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How to use your Shampoo Bar

Wet the shampoo bar with water, rub it between hands to create a lather and apply to wet hair. Massage through scalp and mid lengths. Rinse thoroughly and repeat if necessary. Proceed with conditioner, if desired

Shampoo Bars

Ask your stylist about the Solid Shampoo Bars when you come in for your treatments to recover your hair from summer hair damage.

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