How to Have Healthy Luscious Lips this Fall

How to Have Healthy Luscious Lips this Fall

Caring for your lips requires you to keep them healthy both inside and out. To get healthy lips you should treat them gently and use protective products on them

If you are tired of having dry, cracked, peeling, or chapped lips, there are some things you can do to help them. You should also care for your overall health so that your lips stay in good condition.

Avoid licking your lips. It can be hard to stop licking your lips when you do it subconsciously. When you lick your lips, it is an attempt to moisturize them. However, saliva will actually just dry them out. In fact, not only does it dry out the surface, it also creates a lot of damaging friction on the lips.

Stop biting your lips. Your lips are sensitive surfaces that can be damaged relatively easily. To keep them healthy, avoid damaging the surface by picking at the skin with your fingers or biting at the skin with your teeth.

Use moisturizing products on your lips. Dermalogica renewal lip complex helps infuse lips with moisture, restore delicate tissue, minimize contour lines and help prevent the signs of aging. Their nightly lip Ttreatment smoothes the appearance of laugh and feather lines while you sleep. This rich overnight formula firms, hydrates and restores skin on and around the lips.

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Lip Care

Exfoliate your lips lightly, if necessary. If you want to exfoliate your lips because they are peeling or coarse, you should only do it lightly and no more than once a week. While you can use products designed for gentle exfoliation like a sugar rub, you can also just use a soft toothbrush to gently rub the surface.

Drink plenty of water. Hydrating yourself will help your lips stay moist and healthy. Hydrated lips are less prone to crack or to becoming chapped.

Now that you have healthy luscious lips,

Lets look at the trendy lip colour for Fall 2021

Pumpkin Red Lipstick

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Seriously, this is one of the biggest beauty trends for Fall 2021. You can also get in on the trend by sporting an orange-red shade instead of a true orange. This warm shade flatters warm skin tones best. Check out our Zoya Hot Lips Lip Gloss online.

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Total Look

You can match it up with Waters Edge Salon and Spa manicure and/or pedicure using one of our OPI Colours, for a complete look this fall.