3 reasons why Waters Edge LOVES Sugaring in comparison to Wax.

3 reasons why Waters Edge LOVES Sugaring in comparison to Wax.

Our sugaring technique will not damage the dermal cells or cause any unnecessary discomfort while eliminating hair breakage.

Alexandria Professional Sugar Paste is an all-natural formulation, 100% free of chemical additives. It will not stick to live skin cells and gently exfoliates dead cells. The hair becomes more refined and diminishes quickly. It is 100% water soluble and 100% hygienic.

Your skin will feel smooth and conditioned. All our sugaring experts possess a Master Sugaring Certificate and continue their education to perfect the art of hair removal.

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3 Comparisons for Sugaring and Waxing


Love - Sugar is kept on warm temperatures, therefore reducing the possibilities of ever getting burnt!

Not so Much - Heating up wax to high temperatures allowing the product to melt and easily spread may possibly cause a “burn” especially on delicate skin.


Love - Sugar applied for hair removal is a natural compound. To remove sugar from skin or clothing you just apply a warm damp towel and wipe it away.

Not so Much - Removing wax-based hair remover from a part of the body or clothing can be tricky. Wax removers tend to cake into the skin or clothing and not budge.


Love - Sugar is applied in the opposite direction of the hair growth (a more natural technique). Sugar is water soluble (just sugar, water and lemon) it can permeate into the follicle reaching the vellus hair (peach fuzz) that you can’t see. Slowly but surely sugaring leads to permanency,

Not so Much - Wax is applied in the same direction of the hair growth. Wax cuts the hair off at the surface of the skin and is removed going the opposite way the hair grows.

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Just Ask our Sugarists!

Pre Sugaring Tips

  • Hair must be a minimum length of a grain of rice
  • It is best NOT to tan or exercise prior to sugar removal
  • Exfoliating and moisturizing is strongly recommended a week prior leading up to your sugaring but NOT the day of to avoid ingrown hairs
  • No lotions on the day of your sugaring services
  • Waiting 72 before facial sugaring after retinol or any type of chemical peels
  • Numbing cream is available to those with sensitive skin, apply 30 minutes prior to your appointment (not recommended for face)
  • At times we will recommend Advil 30 minutes prior to just take the edge off

When should I come back for more treatments?

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Trust the safety at Waters Edge

Waters Edge is determined to keep you safe in such uncertain times. We take pride in our space to keep everything clean, sanitized and Covid Free.

We have added extra clean up time to every single appointment since the beginning to make sure every surface is clean and sanitized.

These are just two of our beautiful esthetician’s who make sure your visit at Waters Edge is as comfortable and safe as possible.

Waters Edge Salon and Spa, Burlington

Please continue to wear your mask, sanitize your hands and we will get through this together!


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