3 Reasons To Start The New Year Off With Yoga

3 Reasons To Start The New Year Off With Yoga

We are not just about hair. WatersEdge Salon and Spa is all about feeling exceptionally well. Here are 3 reasons you might want to consider yoga!

1. Yoga can help reduce stress.

Breathing deep and slowly can relieve your tension.  In fact, try it right now (while no one is watching) Take note of how you feel as a result of taking the slowest, deepest breath you can. Relaxing right?

2. It increases flexibility.

Who doesn't want to have an easier time picking that pen up off the floor.  With Yoga, you increase the ability for your muscles to stretch. This is good to keep you from being too tight both physically and when it comes to stress.

3.  Builds Strength and Stamina

Yoga seems easy, but there is definitely effort involved in striking poses for periods of time.  That effort pays off in dividends.  You will find yourself stronger, and more "in shape" and ready to take on more.

BONUS: Most importantly,  YOGA can take you away mentally from your everyday routine.  The focus only on the moment is a great break and distraction from thinking about work or that "problem" in your life.

Take it from us, YOGA can be a huge boost of energy to start the new year.


The WatersEdge Salon & Spa Team

3 Reasons To Start The New Year Off With Yoga

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