Functional Wellness- The Basics

Functional Wellness- The Basics

Just what the heck is this stuff called "Functional Wellness," from our perspective at least, and why do you need it in your life?

What is Functional Wellness?

Many people these days sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. But not only that, they are also tiring of:

- Expensive Copays

- Excessive prescription medications

- Unwanted side effects

- More prescriptions to chase the side effects of the first prescriptions

- Medical doctors who run tests but have no answers

- Early recommendations that entire body parts be cut out

- Being told that there is nothing else that can be done

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So what is the solution?

For many it is to turn to an alternative health provider who practices what is called Functional Wellness.

But what exactly is functional wellness?

The essence of Functional Wellness at its core is to assess and address the functionality of the body’s organs, systems and glands.

When our organs, systems and glands are functioning at their optimal level, bodily processes occur with ease, hormones and neurotransmitters are in balance, and we live free from symptoms.

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Symptoms, of any sort, are messengers that arrive to tell us that something is a little out of whack, and needs to be addressed.

When we mask symptoms with drugs of any sort, we are ignoring the message that they are bringing, and cut off our connection to health.

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As a functional wellness practice, we take symptoms into account in concert, together with assessment measures that may include verbal accounting of patient history, lab work, applied kinesiology, frequency measures, and/or questionnaires.

A comprehensive assessment, whether done in person at our office, or through working with us virtually, will yield a complete picture of what if any immune challenges or food sensitivities are present in the body, the relative level of functionality or stress of organs, systems and glands, and the priority level at which they need to be addressed.

With a comprehensive understanding of the body in mind, the patient is then provided their unique ‘prescription’ for healing: a customized protocol comprised of whole food or herbal supplements, essential oils, dietary guidelines and lifestyle recommendations. We work closely with our clients and patients to steadily monitor progress toward symptom remediation and elimination as the body heals at its most basic and foundational level.

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If something in this article speaks to you, please reach out! We would love to talk with you about how we might be able to support your unique health and wellness needs, and help you live your best life- mind, body and spirit. We believe that everyone was meant to thrive and it’s our passion to help you get there!