A Detailed Guide on Railway Sleepers

A Detailed Guide on Railway Sleepers

Here we have discussed about railway sleepers. John Heine- The Best Railway Sleeper Manufacturer in Australia

The Railway sleepers are the components laid to support the rails, and these are arranged with a proper gauge. These railway sleepers are generally laid on ballast, also known as ties. The load taken of a train is taken by these sleepers and distributed to the ballast.

The function of Railway Sleepers

The prime function of Railways Sleepers is to:

  • It transfers the weight from the rails to the ballast or ground.
  • Lower the vibration of rails.
  • Provide longitudinal and lateral stability.
  • It holds the rails firmly and maintains a uniform gauge.

Classification of Railway Sleepers

There are different types of sleepers used in railways based on suitability, availability, economy and design. The railway components manufacturer classifies these sleepers in five main categories, these are:

Wooden sleepers

The railway sleeper that is made from timber is known as a wooden sleeper. In Australia, Ironbark timber, teakwood, Oak are the common types of timber used in wooden sleepers. The wooden sleepers are one of the types as it satisfies all the requirement of a good sleeper. However, its longevity mainly depends upon the quality of wood and its ability to resist wear, tear and attack from white ants.

Advantages of wooden sleepers

  • Easy to manufacture and cost less than others.
  • Absorbs shocks and vibration
  • Suitable for all types of the rail section

Metal Sleepers

The rail components manufacturers manufacture metal sleepers, which are widely preferred over wood sleepers because of a growing shortage of timber and high maintenance of wooden sleepers. These Steel sleepers usually have two types:

Steel Sleepers: The sleepers that are made from steel is called steel sleepers. These are economical as well as have high longevity. It is divided into two categories:

  • Key-type steel sleeper:
  • Clip & bolt type steel sleeper

Cast Iron Sleeper: It is made up of cast iron. However, it is often used in India than in any other country. It has several types:

  • Pot or bowl Sleepers
  • Plate sleepers
  • Box sleepers
  • Duplex sleepers

Concrete Sleepers

These types of sleepers are used in many countries including, Australia. Concrete sleepers are made up of concrete with internal reinforcement. These kinds of sleepers are widely preferred for high-speed rails like subways and bullet trains. Although concrete sleepers have a high initial cost, their cost of maintenance and operation is very low.

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