Where can I study class 10 NCERT math online?

Where can I study class 10 NCERT math online?
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Entrancei is a most known online resources portal for class 10 students with complete solutions for ncert solutions, ncert books, RD Sharma, RS Aggarwal.

Class 10th is an important year for students as they’ll be giving the Board exams for the very first time. In this competitive era, students need to boost their knowledge and understand the basic terms and concepts to get good marks. Due to the pandemic, students are not able to understand the concept clearly. They need good online classes which clear their concepts easily and provide notes and sample papers to the students.

Online classes are in demand due to the digitalization of education. Class 10 is the base of the student’s life. So, class 10 is treated in high regard. Taking online classes help you to cope with your studies. It is beneficial for the students as well who are slow learners. They can clear their doubts without hesitation. Students can also take mock tests/ online tests before giving the actual Board Exams.

Is NCERT math enough for class 10?

The answer is yes. But you’ve to go through several supplement books to get a higher score. As we already know that more than 85% of the syllabus comes from the NCERT textbooks, but if you want to score more than 80–85% you need to refer to other books as well. NCERT Books and NCERT Solutions are good for students as NCERT Books clears the basic concept of the student. NCERT Books are known to have the easiest language so that students can understand the topic easily. 10th Board is a very crucial time for a student as it is the foundation of the future of a student. So, they need to balance everything out.

Class 10 Maths NCERT Solutions

Class 10 maths syllabus aims at helping students to build a strong foundation of a topic by providing them basic knowledge, adding theorems, concepts and topics for the understanding of the students. NCERT Solutions provided here covers all the topics and exercises. These solutions are prepared by experts who have years of experience. Here all the solutions are explained step by step so that it’s easier for students to understand.

Benefits of studying class 10 NCERT math online?

Learning online is better than learning in a physical classroom. This allows students to learn better. It gives students the opportunity to think outside the box. It does not bind them only to the books. There are several reasons why learning in an online class is better than learning in a physical classroom:-

Better Information- In physical classrooms, teachers only focus on the textbooks but in online classrooms teachers focus on learning and give you better information. Things are more interactive in online classes.

Quick reference- When looking for a quick reference online classroom is better as you can’t refer to multiple sources at once. In online learning, it only takes a few clicks to refer to multiple sources.

Self-assessment- In a physical classroom, it is difficult to test each and every student individually. Online classroom helps you with self-assessment and help you to find out your strengths and weaknesses so that you can work on them.


Q1. Where can I find class 10 maths NCERT sample papers?

Ans. Sample Papers are very important for students as it shows you the pattern of the exam and the types of questions that’ll come in exams.

Q2. Which Youtube channel is the best for maths class 10?

Ans. Learning from online videos is a good source for understanding the topic. Youtube Channel will help you to clear all your doubts.

Q3. Where can I find class math class 10 Notes?

Ans. NCERT Notes help you to understand the topic better and save your time so that you don’t have to go through the textbooks again and again.

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