Establish an online real estate business with the Trulia clone

Establish an online real estate business with the Trulia clone

Our Trulia clone script is equipped with the best features that give your business a competitive edge.

Hi Reader! The Internet has drastically shifted business operations from conventional methods to online services. In our daily lives, we use various online services, and to be more explicit, we are highly dependent on online services.

Recently, the real estate business has joined the queue by establishing an online presence. Property owners can sell properties online by adding property details like name, location, image, and price. Users can look through the properties, select, contact the owner, and make the payment.

What this real estate platform has for you? Believe me, you can develop a business out of it. Trulia clone is an online real estate platform that connects property buyers and sellers. You will be the admin in offering the services and you can gain a huge income. Let us see the real estate app and the various features.

Features of the Trulia clone


Before accessing the app, buyers and sellers will go through the registration process.

Property listing

Once the buyer logs in, he/she can view the various properties listed on the app.

Location-based search

Buyers can search for properties based on specific locations. For this, they will have to use the filter option and shortlist the properties accordingly.

Bookmark properties

If the buyer likes a particular property, then he/she can bookmark or save it for future reference.


Sellers can initiate auctions for various properties. Users can participate in the auction, and place bids. Users with the highest bidding amount will win the auction and buy the property.


The app has a calculator that will calculate the mortgage fees, loan amount, etc., Both sellers and buyers can make use of the calculator.

Reviews and ratings

Buyers and sellers can share their experience on property selling or buying in the review column.

Revenue associated with the online real estate business

Registration fees - Buyers and sellers have to pay the mandatory registration fees. It would be great if you fix a minimum registration fee.

Commission fees - Sellers are bound to pay commission whenever their property gets sold.

Ads - You can display ads of various sellers for more exposure or even display ads of third-parties.


Wrapping up, developing a Trulia like app will set a great standard for your business. Also, there is a huge scope for real estate business in the upcoming years. All the best!