True Terpenes Review

True Terpenes Review

Terpenes are aromatic compounds comes form plants. Cannabis plants contain true terpenes.

Hi guys welcome back to Every one and today I'll be talking about some of the Terpene for Sell   chirping products that we carry today I'll be talking about the aroma profiles of some my personal favorites here I have a two millimeter bottle of red urban poison squeeze the pump comes with your terp eyedropper and a bland cheetah for protection so some of the products here I have today are gelato Girl Scout cookies Gigi number four Esther Lana and Durbin poison we carrying them in multiple sizes and for more rama's check out our website now what y'all have been waiting for I'm gonna go through each of these aroma profiles and let you know my thoughts see here we have gelato remember don't smile directly from the bottle you have to waft gelato like a spring walk through some Piazza San Pietro getting at the cone of gelato with your loved one so here we have Girl Scout cookies oh that smells baked you know the cookies gg number four oh very lemony like the lemon in your vodka soda and Sirona my personal favorite it smells like this summer.

I worked in a froyo bar Durbin poison ooh piney like a walk through the forest their pain profiles are made from all-natural non-gmo organic food grade quality terpenes steam extracted from the highest quality of planet Earth so you can use these true terpenes in your products you can also use it in an oil diffuser or my personal favorite you can make your own mist so you can make this by adding one part of alcohol three parts of water getting a couple of drops at your favorite terpene in my case this run ah one or two three feeling adventurous tap it shake it in spritz thanks for hanging out with me today hope you liked my post.