How to Create a Professional eBay Listing ?

How to Create a Professional eBay Listing ?

We've done the research: these are the best tools available for building an eBay HTML template that makes your eBay listings look unique and professional.

Need this especially if it's stuff that's similar and um uh like similar categories you know this will save you so much time there is a bulk listing tool on ebay but i don't use it because i don't particularly like it i like this and i like flying through it like i actually timed myself just to prove a point to you guys it took me between  one minute and 20 seconds per ebay template listing  to do it this way.

Main Method of listing  ebay templets

so if you're doing it any faster that's awesome congratulations if you could do a listing faster than that but i'm pretty happy if about a minute to a minute and a half per ebay listing template design  with this method now again that's with everything else set up that's with my title being copied and pasted from my spreadsheet from when i checked my items in we have a little bit of a different process than most sellers but we really do enjoy the way that we do this now and our process is slightly different because we actually have an assistant overseas that does our listings for us sometimes when we have to we'll do them ourselves but 99 of us thinks he actually takes care of us so again our process and our reality is a little bit different than yours and you don't have to do it this way but this is the best way we've found to save us money which makes us more time or save us time which makes us more money so template name let's just say this is going to be our test template okay can't spell today okay now the title it doesn't matter what you put here because clearly every item is going to be different so we'll just put random it doesn't doesn't matter now guys this subtitle feature or sorry before i even get to that stand out the bold title and search results do not select that that will cost you money it is a waste of money subtitle again do not add anything there it will cost you money and it is a huge waste of money guys i don't understand why ebay still even has this on there custom label this is important if you already have items inventoried if you want to record pricing so the way we use custom label.

You can see in this example it actually already popped up so ae 550 15 ounces ae is the bin that the item is stored in 550 is the price that we paid for that item and then 15 ounces is what that item weighs for shipping purposes because again our assistant loretto he actually creates shipping labels for us virtually which is really great but he needs the weights for those shipping labels so we weigh everything before we actually list it rather than a lot of sellers they will weigh things right before they ship it it's a little bit backwards for us but again it works for us it may not work for you okay going past custom label this is going to be the category section now whatever you type in here let's say men's nike shoes i like your shoes i cannot spell today wow uh this category should change and let's type in men's jackets see how it changed it goes to different things most likely ebay will populate the most accurate category there for you it should not be a mystery now again you will be changing this per every listing.