Change the soup without changing the medicine? What is the difference?

Change the soup without changing the medicine? What is the difference?
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What is the difference between Honda ADV-150 and PCX150?

Everyone knows that Honda PCX 150 and Honda ADV150 use the same power platform, so is there any difference between them and what are the differences? Today's article will be announced for everyone!

The chassis of Honda ADV-150 and PCX 150 have the same basic form, and both use double cradle form, which has excellent flexibility. The two cross tubes have tight iron buckles to make the frame stronger, but the frame of adv-150 is 2.4 kg lighter than the old PCX150 in detail.

In appearance, they have different designs and shapes, and internal details will be different, for example, due to different angles, body, speedometer, installation line, rear suspension, brake lights, pedal positions and many other details. The structure constitutes a different car model.

The engine base under the almost frame is the same, although the engine is the same, there are slight differences in the details. Honda has also improved an important point on the adv-150 to prevent low RPM vibration. Some PCX 150 users have reported the vibration problem before. The idling RPM reset on the ADV-150 can well suppress this situation.

The differences between the engines of the two cars include: the injectors have 6 holes, but the part codes are different, the air inlet of the air filter is different, the position of the air inlet hose is also different, and the filter cover of the ADV-150 is more Large, different exhaust design helps to obtain better acceleration. ADV-150 has a fuel consumption of 46.6 km/L, PCX150 has a fuel consumption of 45km/L, and ADV-150 has more efficient fuel efficiency.

There are still some differences between the PCX150 and ADV-150 in this part of the suspension. Honda provides a longer suspension for the ADV-150 to improve its ability to cope with road conditions in the wild.

It can be clearly seen that there are some differences between the suspensions of the two cars. Someone may ask, can I install the ADV-150 suspension on the PCX 150 to get the feel of ADV-150? Because the positioning and tuning of the two cars are different, although they can be interchanged in principle, they may not bring the desired effect.

ADV-150 is equipped with a new emergency brake alert (ESS) function on the ABS model, which is a derivative product of the Gold Wing platform technology and is also used on the CBR150R. When the brake working speed exceeds 50km/h, the ESS will automatically activate the hazard warning light (double flash) so that it can warn the surrounding traffic, especially the vehicles behind, which can avoid possible accidents to a certain extent . But unlike the general double flash, the ESS light flashes faster, this function is not available in the PCX150.

The difference between ECU and wiring, ADV-150 also has more sensors than PCX150. Although PCX has more abundant functions, the liquid crystal display instrument of ADV-150 has a larger area and more diversified display information. Honda ADV-150 can not only provide general display information, but also display the surrounding temperature, battery voltage and so on.

The difference between Honda ADV-150 and Honda PCX150 is clear at a glance. Even though it has the same platform, the difference in appearance is increased due to the slightly different positioning, which is not only reflected in the appearance, but also in the invisible details. Many differences, positioning and functional differentiation also determine the positioning of potential customers.