Is It Time to Bid Adieu to Google Play Music?

Is It Time to Bid Adieu to Google Play Music?

For almost a decade, Google Play Music has been one of the most used and liked music and podcast streaming services.

For almost a decade, Google Play Music has been one of the most used and liked music and podcast streaming services. It is like an online music locker operated by Google. After almost ten years of its foundation, Google has decided to scrap out their support from Google Play Music. But the latest report mentions that the Play Music for Windows has already started to shut down.

In case this news is a surprise for you, you might be upset to know that back in August Google had reportedly announced that they would soon end their support on the Play Music by the end of this year. The New Zealand and South Africa users will lose Play Music access in September; whereas, the US users can listen to their favorites till October. Among this chaos, the good news is that Google Play Music users can access their data until December 2020. And in the meantime, Google will smoothly transition its users from Play Music to YouTube Music.

The motive of this transition is to project YouTube Music as the replacement for Play Music. Do not worry about the subscription you purchased on the Play Music because the company ensured that the subscription that extends beyond the end of September would turn into Google Play Store Credits. Note that Google Store credit might get issued to you differently, but it will be maintained in your Google Pay account. The earned credit will be issued to your Google Pay account within your Google Store account. You’ll receive a confirmation email at the time of the credits being given to you.

Not only this, but Google will also help the Play Music users to transition over to YouTube Music by giving them a tool, which they can access from the webpage. However, the latest reports suggest that for Windows, Play Music has already shut down and they no longer have access to it.

As we mentioned earlier, October is the final month for the Play Music users in the US. They will finally have to bid farewell to this service. But it seems like Google has already started shutting down the service without offering much detail to the Windows users. Until the last date of Play music, users can head to Google Play Music Manager desktop app for managing their Play Music uploads. But while trying to open the Google Play Music Manager app, some users might run into the notification stating that “Music Manager is no longer available.” This notification will force you to log into the app again.

As per our observation, even the Play Music download page states, “Music can no longer be uploaded to Google Play Music” and will redirect you to the YouTube Music transfer website. So, we highly recommend the Google Play Music users (especially in the US) to transfer their Play Music data to YouTube Music. You never know, Google might shut down the service gradually, so it is better to move everything before losing the data.

Despite the gradual shutdown, you can probably download your Google Play Music uploads via Google Takeout and transfer them into your YouTube Music account. Recently, YouTube Music has rolled out some useful features and satisfactory interface, so you can make a smooth shift to it without missing the Play Music.

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