2 Tips To Maintain Your Armani SunglassesEnter content title here...

2 Tips To Maintain Your Armani SunglassesEnter content title here...

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When you buy a branded pair of sunglasses, you are investing a lot of money into the brand. Whether or not you are wearing the sunglasses is not important but more important is if you are able to maintain it. Because if you are not wearing the sunglasses and still maintaining them, when you sell the sunglasses the resale value will be quite high. In fact, you will find dozens of buyers for your Emporio Armani sunglasses for women as they are very valuable. But if there are scratches on the lens or the color is fading away after many years of not maintaining a sunglasses, you will not get the value for your sunglasses that it deserves.

So it is important that you maintain your sunglasses and do that you can take the help of this following 2 tips:

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Emporio Armani sunglasses women

1. Store in protective cases

In advertisements and films, you might see the protagonist using sunglasses directly from the drawer and there are hundreds of sunglasses stacked against each other. Even though its looks are alluring and symbolize wealth and sophistication, it is not the right way to store your sunglasses. If the sunglasses are stacked against each other without any protective case for each of them, no matter what brand it is there will be scratches on the lens. So when you are buying the sunglass keep the protective case along with you and store your Armani sunglasses in them.

2. Clean them from time to time

If are someone who loves to buy new Emporio Armani sunglasses for women’s along with many other brands, you should also know when and how to clean them. If you are using the sunglasses every day once in three months, you need to clean the sunglasses with mild dish soap and plain water. When using the dish soap, you do not need to scrap the lenses with a sponge or any other fabric; just use your fingers with light gloves on them. Also, avoid cleaning your sunglasses when you have extended nails. However, if you are not using your sunglasses every day, you can simply clean them with the wiper provided to you along with the sunglasses.

If you are branded Giorgio Armani sunglasses for men’s is damaged to a certain extent, you can also get replacements. You will get free replacement of the sunglasses especially if the conditions for the damage are covered by the warranty on the sunglasses. You can also get a replacement for the lenses when the sunglass lens is scratched or damaged.