Body-Worn Camera to Capture your Evidence Efficiently

Body-Worn Camera to Capture your Evidence Efficiently

That incident further underlined the importance of body-worn cameras (BWC) for people who are in the line of duty.

In the past, the ‘his word against the other’ scenarios left countless decisions going in the wrong direction. The world has moved on from the old ways of relying on a witness’ words alone. Today, the law considers audio and video as the best witness.

The case of Derek Chauvin and George Floyd stunned the world. It was the body-worn camera of the former that helped speed up the investigation and get accurate facts for the case.

That incident further underlined the importance of body-worn cameras (BWC) for people who are in the line of duty.

What are Body-worn Cameras?

Body-worn cameras are cameras worn by people on the front lines. The device has audio and video recording capabilities along with other specifications that may vary depending on the make and model.

It’s widely used for documentation, interrogation, arrests, interactions, etc. by police officers, security workers and lone workers.

EH-15 Body Worn Camera(GPP-M9) by Guard Patrol Products

One of the leading solutions in this space is the EH-15 (GPP-M9) Body Worn Camera. We made this model, keeping the safety of both officials and people in mind.

Its salient features include:

21MP camera with 1080P HD Video Recording

64 GB in-built Storage

2.5” LCD Screen

IP67 Rated

The camera clicks single or multiple pictures according to the input. A 140-degree wide-angle lens allows you to capture more area, which is crucial in many scenarios. At night, the camera automatically switches to night vision for video clarity in low light. The LED lights at the front double up as a torch, letting your hands be free.

On a single charge, the EH-15 can shoot over 10 hours of video (at 480p) or over 7 hours (at 720p). When you eventually run out of juice, the charging dock provided with it can get it up to speed in no time.

What happens to all this footage? The camera stores all this in its internal storage, which you can transfer with ease using its HDMI output.

Benefit to User

Evidence is key in every case. BWCs are adept at getting the evidence without hindering the ability to perform duty using its photo, video and audio capabilities.

It is observed that both officials and the one in front of the camera have a decreased tendency for violence once they know they are being recorded. This avoids unnecessary conflicts and saves things from escalating during investigations.

As the camera also records audio of the user and their POV (point of view), people cannot register false complaints against them.

Benefit to Others

The average person receives an official who is transparent in their way of working. With each aspect of the conversation recorded, people feel safer and the officers look more accountable.

In the long run, the officers using BWCs will develop more responsibility and will be less likely to take harsh decisions. Hence, the community is rewarded with developed officers.

Extra Attachments

The EH-15 by Guard Patrol Products have a few extra attachments to make the life of the user easier.

Remote Camera Attachment- This is a smaller camera with a clip for lapels to click pictures and record videos discreetly.

Harness for Body Camera- This harness allows the body cameras to attach quickly using a Klick Fast Dock. It has two variants- Chest Harness & Shoulder Harness.


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