Gojek Clone – New Advanced Features That Benefits Your Business

Gojek Clone – New Advanced Features That Benefits Your Business

Read the blog to know the new advanced level features to integrate in Gojek Clone that quickly scale up your business.

On-Demand Services in Single Application offer ease of availability and accessibility to the customers. All services apps make a perfect choice for the consumers to opt for services.

Entrepreneurs are trying newer ways to engage their customers to boost their business. With smartphones becoming the necessity of life, the advancement in technologies is introducing different ways to engage customers by introducing Gojek Clone App.

Gojek Clone – New Advanced Features That Benefits Your Business

What Is Gojek Clone App and Why It Is Popular?

Gojek Clone is an app inspired by Gojek Application that offers numerous On-Demand Services in a Single Application.

Powerful Gojek like the app has made customer's life easy by offering a host of services like taxi booking, ride, cab rental, plumbing services, Handyman services, car-washing services, sanitization services, doctor's appointments, on-demand beautician, tutors, pet walkers, etc.

The entrepreneur earns great profits in the form of commission on every confirmed order.

Readymade Multiservices Gojek App Solution helps businesses to retain customers by gathering customer data that helps in providing a personalized experience.

Gojek Clone is a revolutionized application offering more than 70 On-Demand Services.

This amazing figure is an indicator to your business for getting an On-Demand Multiservices App at the earliest. Why? Here are the following benefits of the Advanced Feature of Gojek Clone in 2021.

Advanced Features Of Gojek Clone Benefits

The On-Demand Multiservices App concept is a good fit for business. What’s more, the Gojek Clone App offers the following benefits for your business.

Taxi Booking Related Safety Features

Restricted passenger limitations, Safety checklists, Safety ratings, and reviews, Face mask verifications, and Ride cancellation are the advanced-level features that are carefully designed keeping in mind the pandemic norms and “Social Distancing” in place.

Having incorporated these features enables the customers to ride safely without fearing catching viruses. The COVID19 safety rules and measures are followed strictly which builds trust in your customers. The feedback and review gathered are used for the betterment of the mobile app performance and service improvements. Thus, leading to more usage of the taxi booking services using

Tax Booking Related Billing Features

Gojek Clone Source Code is built with 2 new advanced-level features that include – Apply Toll Cost Manually and Taxi Fare Calculation 2 modes.

The driver can calculate the toll cost manually and add it to the invoice when ends the trip. Another feature allows Admin to keep either of them. The fare will be calculated either on the estimated fare or on the road traveled by the rider.

On-Demand Delivery Advanced Features

Store wise commission –It allows the admin to set different commission charges for every store accordingly

Daywise separate time slots – The stores/restuarants can modify the time slots as per the regional working hours

Item name searching – The user can search item names/stores/restaurants using this feature

Voice instruction for delivery drivers – The user can provide voice notes to the delivery drivers if there is something specific to take care

Order cancellation option for delivery drivers – The drivers can cancel the delivery orders due to unfavorable circumstances

Restaurants to upload the pictures – The restaurant owners can upload the kitchen pictures to let their customers know about their sanitization and safety measure practices.

18+ age confirmation – It requires having age verification proof when a person is buying/ordering stuff like alcohol, wine, etc.

Graphical status of orders and ride – The app offers a graphical illustration to the user showing the real-time status of the order/ride

OTP verification to start the task and ride – The driver/service provider will ask for the OTP before starting the ride/task

Gojek Clone Benefits For Users

Gojek Clone App is beneficial not only to the entrepreneurs but to the customers as well. The app offers the following benefits:

Easy ordering

Gojek Clone App allows the customers to find and place the ordering in few clicks on the go. It hardly takes few minutes to accomplish the task.

Quick cancellation

The customer can cancel the order or reschedule an appointment using the app.

Multiple payment options

The app offers multiple payment options offering customers complete flexibility to pay.

Push notifications

The customers will receive new announcements, discounted deals, and more through this feature.

In Conclusion

Gojek Clone App is focused on offering quick services to customers. The ease of choosing the service and placing the order in just a few clicks makes it the most preferred choice for consumers.

Looking at the present market scenario, it is forecasted that the Super Apps will be trending covering the majority of the industry segments.

Therefore, if you are looking to provide efficient services, increase your customer base and revenue, choose to build Gojek Clone App with a reputed white-label app development company.

The On-Demand Multiservice marketing is booming and it is going to stay here for long. So, hiring a dedicated app development company to materialize your innovative idea.