XPEL Paint Protection Film – A New Practice in Car Protection

XPEL Paint Protection Film – A New Practice in Car Protection

The latest innovation in paint protection technology is Xpel Stealth Paint Protection film. It’s a paint protection film that has been approved for general use.

The latest innovation in paint protection technology is Xpel Stealth Paint Protection film. Its high surface energy also eliminates other pollutants that would otherwise tint or streak conventional paint. It’s a paint protection film that has been approved for general use. It comes in a variety of forms and can be applied to concrete, steel, plywood, and other surfaces. You can even use it on painted and unpainted vehicles. Here are some things you need to know about this amazing paint protection film.

Elegant Look

One of the features of this film is that it is clear and easy to clean. No messy streaks or drips are left behind, which is important for creating a professional look and feel. Also, it can help prolong the life of your paint protecting your investment for many years to come. You can protect your car’s finish from road grime with a simple application of Xpel stealth paint protection film.

Paint Protection

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Another feature of Xpel stealth paint protection film is that it is a proven clear polyurethane. This means it has no chemical odor and has low to zero health risk to users. Clear paint protects the finish from ultraviolet light and water. It can even resist extreme temperatures from extreme heat to extreme cold.

Easily Clean

Cleaning the finish is a breeze. You can simply wipe it off. It’s not recommended to use water or any abrasive cleaners on it. Water can change the finish’s color and can scratch painted surfaces. Any scratches will appear after you complete the warranty period, so be sure to keep them clean.

UV Paint Protection

Not only does this film protect your metal and plastic surface, but it can also protect your painted surfaces from harsh UV rays. This is a great benefit to have if you live in an area that experiences sun a lot. Most cars are designed to only get tan colored paints. You’ll experience a huge difference in brightness and color tones once they’re protected by fusion plus.

Factor’s of Paint Protection Film

There are many other benefits to having this paint protection film on your vehicle. For instance, it will protect your vehicle from oil drips and leaks. No more worrying about damaging your vehicle when it rains. It’s also beneficial if you use harsh chemicals on the paint or have your vehicle worked on often. The film can provide protection against some of those harsh elements.

Smoothly Applied

The best part about Xpel stealth paint protection is how easily it is applied. You just peel it from the package and apply like a liquid. It’s as simple as that! This product has been proven to be very effective against UV rays and other elements, so you will see visible results right away. You can also ensure that it sticks to any matte paint finish versions.

Election of Protection Film

If you haven’t noticed by now, there is a lot that goes into choosing a good paint protection film. You need to consider a few important factors. You should make sure that the film you choose is made of the highest quality. There are several options you have to choose from; such as a gloss, matte finish version, satin chrome version, and even clear polyurethane version. Xpel ultimate is definitely a name that you should look forward to seeing on a few lists of top-selling paint protection films for vehicles.


As far as the different types of protection goes, you should know that one is for the vehicle’s finish and the other is for bird droppings. Think about it for a second; imagine a nice shiny satin finish car and then imagine the bird droppings that may land on it during your daily commute. Would you let those get on? Of course you would not, so why would you let the bird droppings get on your paint job when a high quality film that protects from them is available? Xpel stealth is the perfect solution to this problem because the film sticks to the vehicle.

Protection Film Removable Techniques

Another factor to take into consideration is how easily the film can be removed without tearing it. You would normally destroy the film due to the intense heat, so that is something you will want to think about as well. Since the film is made with an aluminum alloy, it is an excellent conformability and heat resistance. It is also easily rolled off and will not degrade in any way.