How to overcome delayed ejaculation

How to overcome delayed ejaculation

All the health problems that concern sex life can be incredibly nerve-racking.

All the health problems that concern sex life can be incredibly nerve-racking. Why? Obviously, apart from causing unpleasant symptoms, they affect one of the most important aspects of life and every relationship. Untreated sexual issues can lead to stress and concern in both partners as well as serious quarrels, or even a break-up. That’s why it’s important to have a careful look at them. Unfortunately, especially men find it embarrassing to talk about the difficulties, not to mention overcoming them. One of the issues that may lower the quality of sexual performance is delayed ejaculation. Due to that, both partners can feel discouraged and uncomfortable. How to overcome this inconvenient situation?

What is delayed ejaculation?

Delayed ejaculation is, in medical terms, the inability to achieve sexual climax within a reasonable amount of time. Every man differs in the amount of time he needs to ejaculate, so the ‘delay’ has to make a significant difference in his habits. Another factor that indicates the delayed ejaculation is when the woman has already had an orgasm, and she’s unable to continue the stimulation through the vagina, and her partner hasn’t finished yet. Delayed ejaculation almost always goes along with frustration and discouragement in both partners, and it leads to the loss of libido and relationship problems. Delayed ejaculation can be considered in different variants and conditions: it can be lifelong or acquired, generalized, or situational.

What are the causes?

Human sexual life is so complicated that every condition which happens in this area may have various reasons, either physical and biological, or purely mental. As for the first group of causes, delayed ejaculation can result from the nerve damage in the pelvis or a spinal cord injury. Most commonly, though, ejaculation problems are caused by hormonal issues. When the production of serotonin, prolactin, or testosterone is disturbed, it is hard for a man to reach the climax. Commonly it concerns men who take certain types of medicine, such as antidepressants. If you’re taking these, it may be necessary to lower the dose or change the medication for some time. Other reasons can be purely psychological and related to a stressful lifestyle, suffering from sexual trauma or fear of intimate relationships.

What to do about delayed ejaculation?

First of all, every potential method of treatment should be well-adjusted to the causes of the problems. Partners should be aware of it and discuss it together. If it turns out that the reasons are purely biological, it’s necessary to seek medical help. The medications that are normally used include those used to fight allergies, or neurological conditions such as Parkinson’s disease. It may be necessary to take some laboratory tests as well.

The issue becomes a little more complicated when there’s an underlying psychological problem behind the delayed ejaculation – apart from the standard medical examination, the patient usually needs a psychologist’s consultation and, in some cases, therapy.

Psychotherapy – often involving both partners – is an excellent tool to find different causes of ejaculation problems. They may include the fear of being rejected by the partner, lack of self-confidence or attractiveness, other relationship problems. Sometimes men may fear that they underperform in the eyes of their partner. Another thing may be poor communication in the relationship and different sexual needs.

How to support your partner and overcome it together?

The partner’s support is one of the most essential things in case of any problem, especially the ones concerning sexual health and stability. So, the best thing you can do is talk together about the issue and your general sexual life. Share your needs, discuss new ideas, plan a strategy of activities that you can try. Sometimes it turns out that the cause of delayed ejaculation can be easily fixed – for example, if it’s the routine in bed. If you need ideas for spicing up the sex life, check out various sex toys that increase stimulation and arousal. Think about ‘inviting’ a Sex Doll into your love life – this can be a really thrilling experience! You can find some realistic ones at It may turn out that once you devote more time and effort to having fun in bed, the problem with ejaculation will soon disappear completely!

Delayed ejaculation is still an intimate problem, and not many like to talk a lot about it. It’s a pity, because, with a little time and devotion, it can be fixed and nothing’s going to stop the man from having enjoyable, fulfilling and varied sex life. If you are on the partner’s side, make sure that your loved one knows how important he is for you and that none of the temporary issues can influence your feelings towards him. Working on the problem together can be an excellent starting point to begin an adventure with sex toys and have fun with other pleasurable things in bed.