How to Warm Up Before Exercise and Why?

How to Warm Up Before Exercise and Why?

A pre-workout warm-up will help free your fingers, muscles, and tendons for essential exercise.

Regular physical activity is essential for vascular change. This change in muscle tissue is real but it does not supply the muscle tissue anymore.

The perfect training and balance system for endurance and safety is for perfect health as well as adequate blood and oxygen in the liver.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), children from 5 to 17 should train 60 minutes from activity to strenuous activity.

According to the WHO, adults aged 18 and over exercise vigorously at least 150 minutes per week (50 minutes, 3 times a week) or at least 75 minutes per week (about a minute 40, 2 times a week)) or a mixture of high-end sports games.

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The need for a warm-up program

Good planning should be considered as an important part of any game, so it should always be done. The benefits of heating are:

Increases heart rate and respiration, providing oxygen to the body.

Increases the temperature, which in turn increases the mobility

Take time to prepare yourself for any activity, whether it is a public game or a competition.

Parts of the app are hot

The perfect mix of gameplay has 2-3 parts. Among them:

1. Free myofascial conduction

Automatic Recovering (SMR) is a useful technique such as foam foam, self-adhesive or self-adhesive balls to promote health promotion.

To use the SMR method, you need to perform your exercise quickly and identify a soft spot or pain area. Hold the pressure in the sensory area for 30 seconds or until the sensation subsides, then move to the next area.

2. Breathing exercises

General cardiorespiratory temperature lasts ten minutes. This support system is optional, but the performance should be minimal to a minimum; Just be more careful with the help you give to others.


Almost any part of the body can be stretched. Stretching helps adjust range of motion so that movement during exercise is not restricted by exercise in certain areas that can cause injury.

In general, there are 3 types of stretching that can be applied in heat.

Importance of cooling normalization

A good home is as important as heating - a smooth transition from transition to rest. Herpes destroys weeds and weeds, reduces pain and reduces the likelihood of headaches.

Men and women can do all sorts of things to stay warm or cool. The only difference it can make for people training for the same job.

If possible, keep in mind that a muscle that is weaker and needs more work may include a musculoskeletal muscle. Even when you consider the dangers of exercise, remember that the benefits outweigh the risks.

last word

When you try so hard to get out of a comfortable state, your body may become unprepared and prone to unnecessary injury. This gentle training program will keep your heart and energy up for a long time.

It also starts the process of reducing your body's energy. So your body starts to give off more heat to settle before moving on to something heavier. This prevents your body from overheating and crashing as you run out of energy and exercise.

There is no one-size-fits-all standard, you have to try different programs and skills to see what works for you. It can also take some time to get started, so don't be fooled by the first sign of anxiety. Keep trying new things and keep doing them until you feel comfortable with what you're doing.

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