Why Do Cities and States Have Logo Designs in the USA? - Uptown Logo Design

Why Do Cities and States Have Logo Designs in the USA? - Uptown Logo Design

A logo derives meaning from the quality of the thing it symbolizes, not the other way around.

Logos are easy to recognize and work like memory boosters that can be recalled instantly. They don’t have to be complicated – but they need to be different. Even a simple custom logo design can create a powerful impact on your target audience.

There are more than 19,000 cities and 50 states in the USA. From a visual perspective, a logo is the perfect reflection of culture, ethnicities, and social values.

But the question is, why does a city need a custom logo design in the USA? Who are they competing with? Why having logos makes a city unique?

The answer is simple.

The cities and states need branding to drive their success.

Almost all the cities in the U.S. have their unique logos. This makes any ‘city’ a brand, and a strong brand (city) presence can bolster the city’s positive image and elevate business and tourism in the eyes of the world.

As easy as it seems, designing a great custom logo in the USA that represents the city’s character is a lengthy process. Not everyone can develop the San Antonio`s logo design or think like Milton Glaser- the ingenious behind N.Y.’s logo.

We can dive into more details to understand why cities and states in the USA need a logo design with their current logo examples.

1. New York

The New York logo design has a significant history. In 1977, New York’s govt commissioned the renowned graphic designer- Glaser to design a city logo that is a part of its new advertising strategy. The “I ♥ NY” logo became the iconic emblem of the N.Y. city.

According to DOC, the state’s tourism industry made a revenue of around $1.6 billion that year.

New York City was nearly on the verge of collapsing, and a new logo was a strategy to revive the state’s image and address its challenges. But a custom logo design in the USA won’t transform a city, or so they believed. It all changed when Milton’s iconic emblem gained huge success, and the powerful logo inspired millions of people worldwide.

Now you can imagine how a custom logo design in the USA saved a city that was filing for bankruptcy, but ultimately its logo strategy worked far better than expected. It moved from going zero to making millions within a few months.

2. Avondale, AZ

The City of Avondale is located in Southwest U.S. Recently, it has spent $90,000 and developed a new logo. The lowercase A portrays the tagline, Avondale: Aspiring, Achieving, Accelerating, which includes blue, orange, green, and purple colors. Avondale believes that it represents the blending of different cultures and reflects the actual image of the city. It also shows the love for community and diversity.

Avondale’s previous logo design was a blend of white and orange, similar to an ‘@.’ It didn’t gain much attention and the tagline was close to being invisible. While the new logo has received a lot of recognition.

As per Avondale’s Mayor Marie Lopez, all people and businesses are welcome, and Avondale supports people with a progressive mindset.

Now let’s answer the why.

Sometimes a custom logo design in the USA demonstrates peace and harmony, which is much needed to assure communities and the residents of a particular city. Hence, Avondale adopted the same strategy, and due to this, you can witness the residents’ perspective, which became more positive towards the city.

3. Willis, TX

Willis is a beautiful city surrounded by rich cultural history. The Great Northern Railroad made progress when it changed its old logo. The previous logo design displayed the Texas flag with a star and the phrase, ‘City of Willis est. 1870’.

The new logo looks captivating and lively. The blend of colors and texture also portrays Willis’ ambitions and faith. However, the logo still seems confusing to some City council members as it has been receiving mixed reviews for a while.

You never know when a city or a state decides to change its logo and outdate its current one. However, you can tell that Willis cares for its brand image and residents. Hence, the change in logo.

4. Clinton, MS

Clinton has an exciting intake on its logo. Clinton, MS has now brought forward a new custom logo design in the USA with a new slogan that says, ‘You belong here’ and ranks the top in simplicity. It’s a nice way of telling its residents and outsiders that you are all welcome here. The best part about the logo is its black background and the tagline.

Earlier, Clinton’s logo appeared boring and didn’t reflect the city’s pride and progress much. Now the city is up for a competition and has already planned to work on its branding. It’s a reflection of what the city believes in and promises to offer to its residents.

It has also launched its music video telling people that the design is more than just a logo or a tagline.

If you see Clinton’s logo, what kind of feelings would you get? The sense of belonging, of course. It’s not that only your friends, family, business, home, etc. belong here. But it’s the whole ‘You’ that belongs here, and that’s what makes Clinton so amazing.

5. Clermont, FL

Clermont is a champion city with winning attributes and Olympians in training. Therefore, Clermont’s current logo tells its residents and the outsiders that it’s a city of champions and highlights the winning spirit that most of the custom logo designs in the USA lack in their design process.

It’s a perfect way to show that if you’re good at something, then why not logo it? After all, it’s your brand image that is at stake.

As President of West Palm Beach- Margaret Wilesmith states that a brand is a promise. The city of Clermont promises to turn its residents into winners by flourishing its industry. However, what choice people make, it’s up to them.

If you jump deeper, you can actually see that custom logo designs in the USA are not just a form of branding. They also present a city’s future. So, it’s just Clermont’s way of telling its residents that you’re already a champion if you live here and one day, you’ll win for sure.

6. Philadelphia

Philadelphia is one of America’s oldest cities, which is also the most passionate about its logo. Previously, it’s sleek and elegant emblem gained a lot of attention and was closest to reach the New York logo design. The modern city of Philadelphia set the three-letter-city ‘PHL’ trend. Although the design was simple, it created a powerful impact on its people.

Now, its current logo is even more distinctive and portrays a tagline that says ‘Life. Liberty. And YOU’.

The city always encourages the residents to come out of their shell and do something unique. It also promises freedom, success, and all the things which associate you to ‘YOU.’

As a foreigner, if you see the logo, you would surely want to visit a city one day that makes you experience life and gives you the freedom to be you. That’s why Philadelphia’s custom logo design in the USA successfully creates a positive brand image for its audiences.

7. Colorado

The state of Colorado is famous for its snowy mountains and beautiful plains. It’s one of the most populous states in the USA. Colorado’s brand strategy came to life when its previous logo design by Governor John Hickenlooper turned into the state’s successful brand identity.

The current logo, as the state claims, is a new derivative of the classic plate design. It has won the majority of the votes through the representation of great colors and aesthetics.

According to Colorado’s survey, 72% of the residents voted for the new logo design.

If you evaluate the new logo, it shows the state’s initials with creative colors. As an adventurer, you could connect with the actual logo that depicts freshness, beauty, and happiness.

8. Riverside

Frank Miller gave the bell-like ‘Raincross’ symbol to the city in 1907. Since then, the sign has been used in architecture and on the city flag.

The Riverside logo design depicts the brand image of the city that possesses great cultural value.

Earlier, the variations of this symbol gained popularity. The residents of the city are proud of their cultural and religious heritage. Therefore, the rain cross logo represents the city’s remarkability and why it’s a great place to live in.

If you think about it, the logo’s brand strategy really treasures the religious aspect of its culture, and the residents agree to it. Hence, making the Riverside logo design a masterpiece in itself.

9. Chicago

The City of Chicago is magnificent, windy, and second to none. Architecture and design are the two firm grounds of the city. The updated logo design, Chicago, expresses its unique design system and branding campaigns.

The four stars- joining together as one- symbolize historical concepts and past events of the city.

The current logo is easy to read by the residents and people all around the globe. It forms the basis of the city’s management model and unites people under one star.

If you’re seeing this logo for the first time, you would definitely fall for the design. The unique blend of red and blue colors with a visible font sums up all of Chicago’s strengths and abilities. Hence, the logo design, Chicago, dictates the city’s architectural design value, which everyone so dearly loves about it.

10. Florida

Ever heard of the Florida State University Logo?

Unlike the official custom logo designs in the USA, Florida’s logo promotes athletics similar to the logo design, Texas. It has evolved since 1990. From a visual viewpoint, the golden feather and face uplifting have tremendously transformed the overall symbol from the 90s to the present.

According to Visit Florida, Over 16 million people visited Florida for sports activities in 2017. Among them, 15% were non-resident visitors.

The current logo is fiercer and wilder. The subtle skin and visible face lines express Florida’s athletic team. The design gained more hype after it featured a side view of a Native American belonging to the Seminole tribe.

If you love the state’s deep-engraved history about the Native Seminoles, you would see that the Florida logo design carries great cultural and historical value. It’s equally empowering and significant for Floridians and the people visiting Florida from all over the world.

Over to You!

Now, you clearly know why a custom logo design in the USA is vital for building a successful brand identity for the cities and states. Although some worth mentioning, city emblems such as custom logo designs in California are so powerful that you soothe your eyes just by looking at them. In contrast, some of them don’t even meet the eye.

The whole logo design process isn’t easy for the cities’ branding. If the logo successfully defines the qualities of the city or a state, it ultimately catches the attention of its residents and the people worldwide. That’s why cities and states have logos exclusively designed for branding.

Let us know in the comments, what do you think why cities and states need a logo design?