9 REASONS FOR taking a YOGA Instructor training

9 REASONS FOR taking a YOGA Instructor training

You may have seen the flyer in the studio, spoken to those who participated in the program or just found the idea of teacher training in yoga interesting.

You may have seen the flyer in the studio, spoken to those who participated in the program, or just found the idea of teacher training in yoga interesting. Yet, you keep talking about it to yourself. You make excuses as to why right now it won't work. You say instructor training is for versatile students only, for those who can do amazing postures such as handstands, or for those who want to teach yoga only.

What if those thoughts only prevent you from stepping into something amazing, even if it's not on the horizon for you to teach yoga?

Think about what happens when you share a yoga class experience with other like-minded people. There's some mystery in there, huh? Take all that and multiply by about a 1000, and you're beginning to assemble with a group of other highly intentioned friends and share 200 hours of study, practice, and transformation in the ballpark of what it is like. Want any more? Here are 10 reasons why preparation for teachers is right for you:

A Teacher training is an investment in you, your wellbeing, and your development Focus on you. Ensure that your tasks will always be there, but after some concentrated time for yourself, you can just find them easier to handle.

Get in shape, feel great-nothing like daily asana practice to give your health and wellbeing a boost. You will feel more energetic and alive than ever before. Your family and friends will note it. We're making promises!

Beyond physical poses, expand the knowledge of yoga practices. This is a chance for the subtleties of practice such as pranayama, meditation, chakras, and energy anatomy to be discussed and embodied.

What is the past of yoga? Discuss the philosophy of yoga. Where is it coming from? Why is it still in operation today? Learn the Sanskrit vibrational language, understand the past of yoga, and understand the science at the root of these strong practices.visit

Walking the path of yoga is more enjoyable when others walk the path with us, cultivating lifelong and meaningful relationships. The bonds that are formed last forever during teacher training. Immerse yourself in the group and deepen your friendship with Breathe, our instructors, and student colleagues.

Have you ever left a class feeling like the best you have? Accelerating change in your life What transformation is all about, and it is at the heart of yoga, is to create old ways of being and living in harmony with our most focused, conscious self. There is an individual and collective experience of change taking shape during teacher training. Learning happens more easily and the best of all of you is more regularly mirrored back, motivating you to live bigger and brighter!

If you ever teach a yoga class after practicing or not there is value in teaching practice. In all aspects of your life, what you learn from the chance to educate others ripples out. Learn to direct a group of individuals through an encounter and lead them to a common objective, practice the art of public speaking and learn to use language with greater consistency, efficiency and strength, create trust, remain grounded in yourself regardless of the outer conditions, strengthen the ability to trust your instincts, and speak out from the heart.

Anything unique you want to learn, get personal attention? Is there a definition of pose or yoga that you want to look at in more detail? This is the venue for asking questions. There is not a single size that suits every practice. Learn how to adapt the practice to suit your needs, develop personal meditation and home asana practice, and get individualized input on how to teach you in the most authentic way!

You're a fan of yoga! Why not dive deeper into something that gives you pleasure and peace? Expand your definition of what you are passionate about and share with others your passion!

The magnitude of experience and the ability to improve your life can clearly not be conveyed by words. Sometimes, students reflect on their experience upon completion of teacher training and remember that they would like to share the beauty of this profession with others.

It is extremely optimistic even if you chose not to teach the result; your confidence will grow, the practice will take root, and the motivation from training will drive any number of transformations in your life, all good returns on your investment. Yoga teacher training is a big commitment to your resources, time, and finances, and it's not an easy option. If you would like to explore all the possibilities, please feel free to do so.