Zodiac july 25

Zodiac july 25

July 25th is a date of strong intellectual energies and a powerful time to be born in.

July 25th is a date of strong intellectual energies and a powerful time to be born in. Not only is the Sun in Leo already strong, but its expression gets a form here, and needs enough softness and subtlety to be manifested in the right way, without endangering anyone in the process. Verbal attempts to speak about one's Self and the emotions that color their world is the most important issue of this date.

July 25th Horoscope


This planetary row carries an accented story of conflict between emotions and reason as well as their balance. In a state where they combine well, these individuals have the ability to share and connect on a deeply emotional plane, helping others heal their wounds. However, their state of heart usually doesn’t go well with what the mind thinks is best, and people born on the 25th of July have an inner situation to resolve that throws them from one side of emotions to the other, even in simplest issues in life. As if they had two hearts, they will be divided into two different emotions, two desires and two stages of satisfaction (or dissatisfaction). To be able to fully express their true nature, they are to get in touch with their heart and be free to speak openly about their feelings, rather than their intentions and moral imperatives.

Overcoming little ego becomes a focus point in lives of those born on this date. They will deal with inner darkness, a search of status and ways to prove their confidence and power to the world. Often forgetting just how much they can get and feel in certain situations, they move against their self-respect just to remember emotions that make them feel alive.

Love And Emotions

As all people with Mercury in their first planetary row, Leo representatives born on July 25th might steer into parallel relationships to fulfill both their need for intimacy, and their need for freedom. They need a partner they can talk to and be themselves with, and this won’t be easy to find if they are too focused on the status and the image they show, instead of holding on to their inner truth and their child within. Laughter heals all their wounds and opens them up for relationships that have real value for their world.

If things get difficult and too burdening in their love life, they will search for a way out in any possible way. Very often, they won’t even go deep when bruised too many times, relying on superficial approaches to give them the fun they need. However, their desire is to communicate about their emotions openly and without stress and might find their soulmate in their best friend, someone easy to talk to, rather than someone they are passionate about. As they balance out their need to speak and their need to listen, they find that it is much easier to connect with anyone they choose.


The right way of expression is the purpose of life for individuals born on the 25th of July. Their true imperative is to shine, without restrictions and attempts to fulfill other people's expectations. They are to speak and write, telling their tales and sharing a message with the world, ready to manifest in the society just as they are. It is important here to peel off the imagery that is in any way dishonest, and to be clear and steady in one's approach to their true character.

What They Excel In

People born on the 25th of July excel in all forms of communication, trade, commerce, marketing and writing. They will hold courses, teach others how to do something quickly, and be good at learning languages and doing things with their hands. They are practical and focused on intellectual tasks that give them room to show the way to others too, as they learn how to express themselves in life.

July 25th Birthday Gift

A birthday gift for a person born on July 25th can always be a colorful organizer or something to keep them in loop with important information in the world. They could use a new book, something to give them the tools needed to do something practical, with their hands, and teach them a new skill. They want a collection of short stories rather than a fantasy novel and love practical gifts that show someone's attention to their world of everyday needs.

Positive Traits For July 25th Born

Eloquent, ready to show their inner truth and open for conversations with the strangest of people, they are the star of the party and those who always speak their mind with as much clarity as possible.

Negative Traits For July 25th Born

Too talkative to listen to, expressing out of pure need to impress, and sometimes vain, they don’t do well in surroundings that keep their expectations high and trigger their insecurities.

Healing Crystal

The right stone to enhance the ability to show who they really are, and help a person express their truth without limitations, is kinoite. It eliminates delusions and self-limiting concepts, making communication easier and opening one's world towards higher realms to give them support on their journey. It is used for healing of throat, neck, nerves and teeth.