October 7 zodiac

October 7 zodiac

It is representative for people born between September 23 and October 22 when the Sun is in Libra.

As a Libra born on October 7th, you possess a disciplined nature but this doesn't mean that you don't also know how to have fun. You are sometimes shy but when getting to know someone well, you unravel your multitude of qualities.

You are also able to see life from different perspectives and put yourself in the shoes of those around, thus understanding better what they are going through. Prepare to read an outstanding profile analysis in the following rows.

The zodiac sign for October 7 is Libra.

Astrological symbol: Scales. It is representative for people born between September 23 and October 22 when the Sun is in Libra. This symbol denotes the tactful and balanced nature of these natives.

The Libra Constellation, one of the 12 zodiac constellations is spread on an area of 538 sq degrees and its visible latitudes are +65° to -90°. There aren't any first magnitude stars and its neighboring constellations are Virgo to the West and Scorpio to the East.

In Italy it is called Bilancia and in Greece goes by the name Zichos but the Latin origin of the October 7 zodiac sign, the Scales is in the name Libra.

Opposite sign: Aries. This is relevant in astrology because it shows that partnerships between the Libra and Aries sun signs are beneficial and highlight ambition and determination.

Modality: Cardinal. This means the disciplined nature of people born on October 7 and that they are an example of assertiveness and caution.

Ruling house: The seventh house. This zodiac placement governs a space of partnership, team work and balance. This says a lot about the interests of Libras and their life perspectives.

Ruling body: Venus. This combination suggests attraction and energy. The Venus glyph is the upright symbol of Mars, opposing its masculine energy. Venus is also representative for the shyness of these natives' existences.

Element: Air. This is the element of those born on October 7, the mindful ones who live their lives full of eagerness and in a bending manner. In association to water, it vaporizes it while with fire it makes things heat up.

Lucky day: Wednesday. This day is under the governing of Mercury and symbolizes liberation and competence. It also identifies with the snobby nature of Libra natives.

Lucky numbers: 1, 5, 15, 18, 24.

Motto: "I balance!"

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People born on October 7 know how to appreciate the beauty of life in small details and know how to relax when they have everything in place. They are thoughtful and accepting with most people they meet and they are often great communicators. They need to feel listened to and understood therefore they are at their ease when spending a peaceful time with their partners or people dear to them whom they can trust.

Positive traits: These natives are known to be very polite and attentive to every detail. They are also very caring and caring. Libra people are usually revolutionary and focus. Maybe they are not so driven to save the world but they sure make an impact on the lives of the people around them. Those born under this sign are also circumspect and orderly so their lives are usually peaceful and risk free.

Negative traits: Superficial and skeptical when others come up with ideas or plans that they haven't though of, these natives can give a hard time to those around them. At the same time, they often get engulfed in the problems of those around them and tend to forget about their own priorities so they should learn to take things easier at times and worry more about themselves than about those around them. They are sometimes intolerant and fastidious as well.