Mystic messenger yoosung

Mystic messenger yoosung

Yoosung route, so don’t worry about the ones that turn up while you're alseepe. If you are going to spend HG and unlock missed chats, though.

We haven’t listed every possible Mystic Messenger chat here; there are plenty of others to participate in during Days 1 through 4, but they don’t contain opportunities to earn hearts for Yoosung's route. These ones do.

You don’t need to hit up every chat we’ve listed here to unlock the Yoosung route, so don’t worry about the ones that turn up while you're alseepe. If you are going to spend HG and unlock missed chats, though, you can see which ones are important at a glance. In general, the longer a chat is, the more hearts you’ll earn.

Although you should try to participate in other chats besides those listed below, don’t worry too much about making “wrong” choices in those; as long as you spread your hearts around between the other characters, especially putting them into Jumin and 707 as they're unavailable in the Casual Story mode, you won’t alter your ending. Cross reference with our Mystic Messenger chat time schedule to see where email opportunities arise if you want to know which ones are especially worth logging in for.

Check in with our Mystic Messenger Yoosung route walkthrough and endings page for detailed help for the latter half of the game, or hit up the Mystic Messenger Yoosung route chat times schedule for a less spoiler-filled guide. Need even more help with Yoosung? Visit our Mystic Messenger Yoosung character hub for additional tips related to the cheerful and thoughtful student.

Yoosung is a very nice and lovable person, and is described by the other RFA members as 'a real puppy'. Yoosung cares about people a lot and loves to spend time with others. He is naive and believes things that are told to him more often than not, as shown in several of his interactions with 707. As a result, he is often the target of 707's pranks and teasing.

Despite his somewhat naive and lighthearted nature, Yoosung became severely depressed after the death of his cousin, Rika, who he idolized and was very close with. After her death, Yoosung lost all interest in his studies and became a shut in, rarely leaving for classes and opting instead to play LOLOL in order to cope with the crippling sadness.

During Yoosung's route, 707 states in a phone call with the MC that Yoosung had yandere tenancies, which the MC can expand on if she wants. This reveals Yoosung to be a very possessive person, asking the MC to only text him, to only call and talk to him. The MC can expand on his yandere tenancies which will result in a Bad Ending if she also encourages him to see her as a new Rika.