May 20th zodiac

May 20th zodiac

The Moon and Pluto always tell the story of life and death, and with Mercury involved in their contact

A date like the 20th of May is standing on the verge of something new, while at the same time responsible for the finishing of different family matters and issues of the past. It is in the nature of those born on this date to get tied to the image, to emotion, to the reflection of their own Soul seen in others. They will have trouble letting go of relationships and circumstances, even if they stop their own progress because of their resistance to change and oblivion.

May 20th Horoscope


The Moon and Pluto always tell the story of life and death, and with Mercury involved in their contact, it is quite a story to be told. There is a lot of double standards in this date, emotional ties that are talked about and rationalized, and many things in the mind of a person born on May 20th that seem impossible to separate into logical wholes. On the other hand, their mind is deep and incredibly thorough, allowing an understanding of the world of emotions untypical in their everyday surroundings. With such entities in their planetary row, they are prone, or may be subjected to emotional blackmail and manipulation, all sorts of phrases that could keep them in one place for too long, inadaptable to change that must come at some point.

Love And Emotions

There is depth in emotions of Taurus representatives born on the 20th of May that is extremely hard to come by in other people. This will make them unique but sometimes also lonely, for their attempts to explain their state of heart could be unrecognized by those they love. The strings attaching them to others will be strong, karmic relationships bound to come, and the tendency to sink into dark or burdening bonds sometimes hard to control or tame. Driven by gravity of physical pleasure and love, sexuality will play a truly important role in their romantic life as they grow older.

Learning to accept their own quality of love and the depth of heart they carry within, they will start the process of liberation from family patterns and negative emotions that lead them into relationships that burden their Soul. They should belong to the Earth itself, in sync with its breath and the Universe, so they can create and manifest the deep love they actually need. They are to become One with someone and shouldn’t settle for less.


Freedom is the main objective that a person born on May 20th is to strive for, and it isn’t such a natural concept in lives of Taurus representatives. They are to discover that change and inconsistency don’t always stand for stress and frustration. To set free from all people and things that tie them down, material dependencies and the image they hold on to only so they can please someone else, they must set free from fear or letting go.

What They Excel In

A person born on May 20th is an excellent healer and always someone to turn to in a time of crisis. They are sent to this planet to be the saviors and spokesmen connecting the world beyond our limitations of comprehension and the world we all perceive as reality. In a way, they are magicians and individuals with special powers, giving their best results in jobs that require constant change and in-depth research and analysis, so they can use their minds far beyond the rational limits we know of.

May 20th Birthday Gift

It seems that a birthday gift for an individual born on the 20th of May must be black or white, with no shades in between. If you see something that "clicks" to the way you perceive their personality, take it and you won’t be wrong. Energetic connection is of outmost importance here and a person born at this time understands these laws of attraction on an unconscious level. Give them a healing crystal that reminds you of their glow or enroll them in a regression therapy workshop to help them break free from ties that hold them down.

Positive Traits For May 20th Born

Deeply emotional, loving and understanding towards those they care for. Their mind is always sharp and ready to dive into curious research. Dedicated, strong, and charismatic, they can achieve anything they want to if they find powerful grounding.

Negative Traits For May 20th Born

Manipulative and dark, their lack of satisfaction could taint all areas of their life. Stuck, unwilling to set free and let go of things that are already dead and need a proper burial.