How old do you have to be to have a fitbit account

How old do you have to be to have a fitbit account

Kids and their essentially particular screen-based activities will commonly be the weak spot for most guardians.

Kids and their essentially particular screen-based activities will commonly be the weak spot for most guardians. Regardless, you need to recognize that innovation will remain a huge piece of your children's developing age in this computerized period. The key is to ensure that they use these contraptions to decide the best outcome.

FitBit Account for Children


Take wellness trackers, for example. Allowing your young person to use a FitBit to follow their body estimations urges them to fabricate a sound propensity for working out. This propensity helps rehearsing everyday and to know about their active work, even as they develop into their high school and grown-up years.

What is the Age Limit for a FitBit Account?

There is an age limit that suggests that your kid ought to be something like 13 years old to have the choice to have their own personal FitBit account. In any case, in specific countries in Europe, the base age limit has been raised to 16 years old. Explicit people have close to zero insight into this, yet it is achievable for you to set up a record on the FitBit application for your kids.

How to Set Up the FitBit Account for a kid?


To set up your child's FitBit account, you need to download the FitBit application on your portable or different gadgets and sign in with your own FitBit account.

On top of the screen, you will need to find the record card.

Tap on it and a short time later go to the 'My Family' choice.

Here, tap on the + sign and pick the decision that says 'make kid account.'

Stick to the given directions on the screen.

You will be approached to enter your secret key and consent to the agreements.

Finally, you will show up at a window mentioning that you enter the subtleties and data about your child, including their name, username, age, orientation, and weight.


Then, you need to match your kid's FitBit gadget to the application and hand it over to them to finish the arrangement interaction. You could consolidate your kid's contribution by allowing them to pick their own tomfoolery profile image/symbol.

The benefit of setting up your kid under a youngster account at Fitbit is that you can imagine their advancement and work on improving or holding up with their wellness together. You can save the data and even send it to their PCP for quick examination.

Additionally, you can set cautions for them, send them cordial updates, and plan various objectives and focuses for them to achieve.

What to Do If My Child is Younger Than 13 Years of Age?

Fitbit youngsters

Expecting that your child is more youthful than 13 years old, by and by requirements to use a wellness following contraption like FitBit; the plan you could have to follow is the FitBit Ace. This Fitbit model is unequivocally intended for youngsters, furnished with all of the elements of an ordinary FitBit that an adult might use yet made more kids cordial.

It can exactly gauge the beat, count steps, keep a count of calorie utilization, and investigate rest designs.

You can set up your child's FitBit Ace record the same way as examined beforehand. Your kid ought to be somewhere near eight years old to have the choice to use this device and make their child account. In this manner, there is, regardless, a base age limit for the FitBit Ace moreover.