Importance of Agriculture | Best agriculture college in coimbatore

Importance of Agriculture | Best agriculture college in coimbatore

Importance of Agriculture | Best agriculture college in coimbatore

How important is Agriculture engineering for the future?

Agriculture contributes 15.35 percent of national GDP and employs 68 percent of the country's population. India is a predominantly agricultural country, with agriculture employing two-thirds of the workforce. For its climate and industry, Coimbatore is one of the most sorted places in south India. A ray of hope for the alterations in all areas surrounding villages, including agriculture, is a hike of more than 71 percent where the rural literacy rate is quite less. The core of the country is comprised entirely of young people who are eager to join in one of the Top colleges in coimbatore. The current situation demonstrates that agriculture need the participation of the younger generation, who are capable of comprehending new agricultural innovations and processes. With such a condition, they face a significant hurdle in locating the best agricultural engineering colleges in Coimbatore.

KIT college stands out as one among top 10 engineering colleges in Coimbatore. It has an interdisciplinary centre for food grain production science and technology research, teaching, and consulting. The department of the top agricultural engineering college in Coimbatore strives to become a more competitive and dynamic department capable of generating exceptional graduates who are innovative and self-sufficient after graduation, with training, research, and community service capabilities.

The Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Lab for advanced research in the field of agriculture, with a focus on precision agriculture, is the most remarkable characteristic that distinguishes KIT as one of the highly facilitated agricultural engineering colleges in Coimbatore. Precision agriculture (PA) applications that use unmanned aerial vehicles equipped with multimodal sensors face challenges with adaptability in terms of dependability, precision, and timeliness. Payload, flight time, stabilisation, autonomous missions, and external disturbances are all elements that UAVs/drones must consider, unlike terrestrial platforms. For example, capturing high-resolution images to construct multidimensional maps in oil palm plantations (OPP) necessitates mission flights with lower-altitude, better stability.

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