5 Best Private Investigators in Toronto

5 Best Private Investigators in Toronto
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A review of the top 5 private investigators in Toronto, Canada.

Living in a big city like Toronto can be an unnerving experience. Sometimes,  we feel insecure about ourselves, relationships, etc. Which may lead us to investigate of hire the service of a private investigator Private investigators arent just people you hire if your spouse is cheating. The presentation in the media has not been the best so far. However, this is changing as more and more people have to start to realize the value private investigators provide to their lives.

The value they provide is something worth highlighting. So here it is. First, the presence of a private investigator is exceptionally significant for avoiding scams. Yes, they are preventable. Private investigators are well-versed in the knowledge concerning legal and illegal tactics people use to extort information and money from unsuspecting individuals. With the presence of a private investigator, you can minimize the risks for any opportunities you'll come across. Even better, on the off chance, you fall for a scam, a private investigator will be a perfect asset to have by your side.

With that said, these are the top 5 private investigators in Toronto. We have curated this list of private investigators to ensure that you get the best possible service while remaining relatively worry-free. To successfully do this, we have this guide for the cost — also, the process of hiring a private investigator in Toronto. Additionally, we have provided three distinct categories for your purpose of hiring a private investigator. These are the best PI for a cheating spouse, insurance fraud, and surveillance.

How much do Private Investigators in Toronto cost?

Typically, the price of a private investigator varies from the nature of the task. If you hire a private investigator, you have to ensure you know the charges that come with the type of jobs you have for them. This way, you'll avoid any unnecessary waste of time.

On that note, the charges typically range from $400-$2000if you are looking for a top-class organization. This should be your goal. With private investigation, it's a great thing to have the most experienced and resourceful organization on your side. With this, the high cost arises. Compared to using the services of an individual, hiring a firm is great if you run into any legal troubles. They are likely to have better terms of service. In other words, they must have covered all their bases.

Furthermore, the high charges are also a result of the vast resources that are needed for some of the more difficult tasks. A single individual will have to make do with the same resources. However, an organization has the ability to adapt to the situation and respond with useful tactics.

How to hire Private Investigators in Toronto

Well, you have to do your research. Unironically, you need to know a thing or two about "investigating" to find the best private investigator for your case.

So, how do you do this successfully? Know what your job entails. Are you hiring a private investigator to keep track of your spouse? Are you suspecting your business partners of committing insurance fraud? Or, do you believe that someone or something requires some surveillance for some time? These are all valid ways of processing your search for a private investigator.

The next step in this process is to read. Read adverts on a newspaper, read yelp reviews, read the website "About Us" pages. When you are satisfied with what you've found online, consider your location and availability. Why? If you aren't going to be busy following up closely with the case, it's better to leave it in the hands of a bigger organization. On the other hand, if you want to keep close tabs with all the developments, consider working with a smaller group.

Best Private Investigators in Toronto for a cheating spouse

1.PI.OWLS Private Investigations

This private investigation agency holds a commitment to resolving personal and business cases. With many years of experience and consistent growth, this agency has solved many cases over the years. At PIOWLS, they hold your personal cases in high regard. Therefore, they treat you and your problems with the necessary respect and care.

This is an excellent choice if you are dealing with a cheating spouse and insurance fraud. If you need the services of an experienced, considerate, and personal organization. PIOWLS provides a range of private investigation services. Aside from private investigation, they also provide process serving services. Another core aspect of their business activities is digital forensics investigation. At the moment, they offer a free consultation and are open for 24 hours mon-sun.

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2.PIPRO Private Investigators

With PIPRO, they hold your personal cases with high regard. So, you'll be relaxed and entirely left assured of their professionalism. Discreet also prioritizes experienced employees in their roster. So, you have a range of retired police officers to corporate individuals. With this, you'll be entirely sure that things are handled professionally and lawfully. There is an essential emphasis on the lawfulness when it comes to a cheating spouse. Thankfully, Discreet has you covered.

Best Private Investigators in Toronto for Surveillance

3.The Chaos Group of Canada

For your best possible results, you need a resourceful Private Investigation firm for your surveillance needs. As a private investigation firm, they have access to some of the best tools and individuals that know what they are doing. Equipped with state of the art cameras and tracking tools, The Chaos Group knows where to look and does it right. Also, the members of this organization have a vast range of certifications that validate their efficiency for surveillance.


4.The Smith Investigation Agency

At the Smith Investigation Agency, a high priority is held towards the right equipment and access to locations and resources. This agency has a lot of locations around Canada. Including Toronto. Because of their wide range of offices, their surveillance remains with top-quality at all times. Therefore, you can be assured they know what they are doing.


Best Private Investigators in Toronto for Insurance fraud

5.Premiere Investigations

Both Piowls, Pipro, and Premiere Investigations has its resources tailored towards insurance companies. With their services, you'll ensure that they provide confidential and discrete evidence for your case. This organization has its priorities straight and thankfully; insurance companies are among these priorities. So, you'll be fully assured their services are the best in insurance cases.



Having a private investigator by your side is a great resource. They provide discrete, legal, and profound work that helps you deal with any uncertainties you may come across in your personal and work life. Therefore, if you are in the Toronto area, these organizations have what it takes to handle your case.