What are the important features that need to be examined for a lucrative Trulia

What are the important features that need to be examined for a lucrative Trulia

Our Trulia clone script is equipped with the best features that give your business a competitive edge.

The second most popular listing of real estate online in the United States is Trulia. It consists of approximately 24 million unique visitors a month. Pete Flint and Sami Inkinen created the app in the year 2005. By 2015, the website sold it for a special price of $3.5 billion to the Zillow Group.

Here in this blog, you will learn steps to build a Trulia app, by creating your real estate listing.

According to Statista, the number of unique visitors on the Zillow website is 36 million and 23 million in Trulia, by January 2019. The other three critical players being Yahoo Homes who had 20 million, Realtor- 18 million, and RedFin — 6 million.

Let’s look into the best features that will help you in Trulia Clone app development.


If you are developing a Trulia clone app, you have to decide where you want to get information about real estate in your region, city, or country. The reason is, for any online listing, the basis is the list of affordable real estate. Since Trulia is aimed at residents of the United States, the website’s primary sources are Multiple List Services and the National Association of Realtors.

If the US market guides you, then you can make use of these multi-listings too. But if your app will work in other countries, then search for the local counterparts. For instance, you can look for the National Association of Real Estate Agents in the UK or the Canadian Real Estate Association.

As an addition, the listing can be filled with:

API from Zillow or Trulia

Data from other agents and realtors

Third-party providers of data

The crucial point here is, the more exclusive listing and information about the real estate are indicated, the more successful and beneficial your app will be.

Search integration:

The Trulia Clone app’s search engine is understandable and is simple to use for everyone. There are many filters present in the app, that are truly useful to the buyers, as they can find the property based on the number of rooms, cost, location, age of the building, the availability of the intermediary along with other vital parameters.

Intuitive interface:

Trulia is the first site to replace long textual descriptions of the real estate with intuitive graphics. It provided the screen with photos and brief characteristics on one side and on the other side, it had an interactive map to denote the real estate available for purchase or rent. So, make sure that your app is attractive and intuitive in nature.

Saving search history:

Just like the “Add to Cart” function in e-commerce sites, the option is useful for buyers and tenants to save their search history or to save individual houses, other real estates, or apartments.


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