Thyroid health.......

Thyroid health.......

Recognizing when a thyroid is underactive, is not a diagnosis of disease but more so signs that your body is deficient in certain minerals or nutrients.....

THYROID .... For those that don't know or understand what a person goes through with Hypothyroidism...or any thyroid issues.....

this explains a lot.

It's been a few years since you found out that I'll be with you for a lifetime.

Thyroid imbalance is elusive, It doesn't always show up when you analyze your blood.

People around you can't see or hear you feeling different, but your body does. It can attack you anywhere and any way. For example tingling or hand pain.

Remember when you had so much energy and had so much fun! Well, sometimes, the Thyroid participates in your energy, and leaves you exhausted ... Like feeling brain fog forgetting things or lack of your concentration.

Thyroid imbalance can make you sleep for many hours, or it can cause insomnia, it  can make you shiver or feel cold or hot when the temperature is normal for everyone else.

It can make your feet or hands swell, your face and eyelids swell ... It can make you feel very anxious / or have panic attacks.

Thyroid imbalance is very complicated ...

Do you remember the sudden mood? Yes, it's Thyroid ... Crying for no reason? ... annoyed for no reason? And yes, all signs of Thyroid imbalance.

Hair loss,  dry and brittle hair and nails, it can cause acne, dry skin, It has no boundaries!

It will make you gain weight no matter what or how much you eat.

Doing activities like walking or doing other exercises will not cure me, but it will help calm me down.

Once diagnosed going to the Endocrinologist will help but it keeps showing up.

Treatments and controls helps the Thyroid relax for periods of time, but you have to keep watching.

It can make your cholesterol high, or you can have blood pressure problems, or other problems ... That's Thyroid too.

It can elevated liver enzymes. Dental or gum problems. All possible related to Thyroid.

You will feel tired ... and your family and friends will be tired of hearing over and over how much "you feel bad".

They do not know that this Thyroid draws energy from your body and mind to daily to perform their activities.

This disease attacks your body from the tip of your hair to the tip of your foot, and every cell and organ in your body requires the proper amount of thyroid hormones to function optimum.

Did you know that you may not have thyroid disease but a lazy under nourished thyroid?

Balance your body naturally!

Balance your body with herbs and minerals. It starts with good nutrition, exercise.

Selenium is one of these key minerals that is not enough in our food supply, since the ground is deficient in this mineral.

Selenium is important for the conversion of T4 to T3 in the liver and studies have shown that Selenium can help reduce TPO anti bodies.

Iodine is also important and many Thyroid imbalances are because of deficiency in Iodine. If you don't eat too much seafood or don't live near an ocean, you should supplement with Iodine.

Education not Medication! Prevention and listen to your body.

Monique Doorn RHN, CPCC