Tips You Must Know About iOS 14

Tips You Must Know About iOS 14

The new iOS update we’ve been waiting for is finally available for the general public to download. People who are on the same page with Apple’s.

The new iOS update we’ve been waiting for is finally available for the general public to download. People who are on the same page with Apple’s events might know about the new update. However, a lot of people are still unknown about what iOS 14 has brought for us.

To make you familiar with the same, here is a combined list of everything that you can do with the new update on your iPhone. Read along to learn more!

App Library

App Library is one of the advantageous features iOS 14 has got to offer. The App Library is the last window next to all the Home Screen Pages, that offers to combine of all the applications widgets in an organized manner. Not only organized, but all the apps are categorized in groups such as games, social media, etc.

It also enables you to move all the downloaded apps to the App Library, keeping your home screen neat. All you need to do is enable the ‘App Library Only’ option in the Settings app of your iPhone.

Home Screen Widgets

Adding widgets to the home screen is an indication that your iPhone is running on iOS 14. If you want to add a widget to the home screen, press and hold on space on the home screen until the screen starts jiggling. Tap on the ‘+’ icon on the top-left corner of the screen and you’ll be headed to the Widgets gallery. Select any widget to add it to the home screen.

Hide App Pages

If you haven’t installed iOS 14 yet, your home screen probably looks like a blunder of applications. It becomes annoying to locate the applications scrolling from page to page. Fortunately, the new update offers you to hide the app pages that you don’t require for the time or use less often.

If you want to hide the app pages, tap and hold on the space of a home page until the screen starts jiggling. Unmark the dot icon at the bottom of the screen that denotes the number of Home Screen Page. Only the dot icon you uncheck will hide the pages, respectively.

Picture-in-Picture Mode

The Picture-in-Picture mode has been in demand since it was introduced on the iPads. This feature enables you to watch whatever you’re streaming while switching to other apps or scrolling through some content. if you’re texting someone and watching a show simultaneously, you won’t have to pause the same repeatedly. Thus, Picture-in-Picture mode has got your back!

Set Default Browser and Email Client

iOS 14 update allows you to set third-party apps as defaults on your Apple device. It includes browsers and email apps, which means you can finally switch from Safari to an alternative. Also, you can set Outlook as your default email client.

You need to know that if you want to switch to Chrome and set it as your default browser, you must have its latest version installed. Once you’ve done that, head to the Settings app and click on the ‘Chrome’ tab. Next, mark the Chrome app under the ‘Default Browser App’ section.

Unfortunately, the new update doesn’t allow you to set any other browser as default, other than Chrome. However, Apple is working on the same.

Block App Tracking

You must have noticed that whatever you search online starts appearing as ads on your social media handles. It is because third-party apps tend to track your data across other apps and websites. With the new update, you’ll receive a permission pop-up notification about the same. Isn’t it amazing?

The steps to keep the applications from tracking your data are:

Launch the Settings app.

Click on the ‘Privacy’ tab.

Tap the ‘Tracking’ option.

Turn the slider on for the ‘Allow Apps to Request to track’ option.

Listed above are the most important features introduced by iOS 14. Though there is a lot more than this, it was essential to introduce you to the most awaited features first. Haven’t updated your iPhone? What are you waiting for? Update your Apple device now and explore what Apple has got for you.

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