Spellbreak: Guide for Frostborn Class

Spellbreak: Guide for Frostborn Class

“Frostborn” Class in Spellbreak is packed with various types of abilities. Similar to the other five other classes, Fortborn also has some unique powers.

“Frostborn” Class in Spellbreak is packed with various types of abilities. Similar to the other five other classes, Fortborn also has some unique powers that players can use. Players prefer to do hit and run, Frostborn is suitable for them. Mastering its abilities can help you progress the game quickly. However, Frostborn alone does not have much potential because there are few levels and abilities that you need to unlock while progressing the game. So here is the guide to explore the full potential of Frostborn.

Class Overview

Frostborn is an Ice-based class. It comes with a Frostborn gauntlet that has two abilities and four skills. Remember, this class is not for those players who prefer to dive into battle first. Using Frostborn’s abilities on correct timing can lead the team to victory. For targeting off-range targets, Frostborn abilities are beneficial.

Frostborn Class Abilities

As mentioned above, the Frostborn gauntlet has two abilities that are perfect for the beginning level. Both of these abilities are perfect options for dealing great damage. Among two spells, the first spell is “Ice Lance.” The Ice Shard spell works more like a sniper shot that shoots a huge ice shard instead of a bullet. By default, it takes some extra seconds to fire, but by holding up its charge, you can control its speed and damage. However, this move is strictly not for the close-range battles.

The second spell is “Flash Freeze” which constructs an AOE on a certain range around the player. It slows down those opponents who come in contact with the affected area. If the opponent doesn’t get to get out fast, they will freeze soon, and players will have the opportunity to use the Ice Lance. For a defensive move, Flash Freeze is a perfect spell. You can slow down your opponents or make a decent space between using your offensive move.

Frostborn Class Skills

There are four different skills upon Frostborn’s mobility based. These skills are great and powerful, while some will offer nice buffs.

The first level skill you’ll have is “Frozen Alacrity” that will help you to use your Ice Lance spell. While using this skill, you can accelerate 150% faster while running.

On the second level, you’ll have “Icicle.” You can use it when performing a difficult shot. This skill will allow you to float for 5 seconds. So when using the Ice Lance spell, use Icicle to get the support.

Your third level skill is “Tundra” that will keep you immune while casting the Flash Freeze. You can also use it when planning to escape. It also provides 100% buff.

In the final or fourth level, you’ll get “Ice Prism.” This skill will allow you to overcharge the Ice Lance for more half seconds to give 35% buff damage.

Best Secondary Gauntlet

Toxic gauntlet performs very well as the second Frostborn gauntlet. When Frostborn works in the long-range, the Toxic works in close range. Furthermore, Toxic can be only performed with Flash Freeze. This ability will force the foes to change their location from getting cover, and then you can launch your Ice Lance.

Best Runes and Talents

For the runes, you’ll have to locate either Springstep or Dash. Both of these will keep you mobile while being in the offensive and defensive condition. It’s obvious that while being in range class, you’ll prefer to change your position and retain the angels on foes to keep them in sight for targeting. Even though the targets never stand still, you’ll also be required to change your position as well. As compared to Springstep, Dash is not very useful for the Frostborn because of its horizontal movement. The Springstep works perfectly with Icicle Ice Lance because it allows you to pause and shoot from the air.

There are a few talents that you should keep in mind:

Mind: Harmony – The following talent is vital because of the elemental effect. Once you combine it with ice trails, it will put extreme damage on the opponent. Harmony will enable you to freeze, slow, and shock the enemy. It will also reduce the incoming damage, so you don’t have to worry about anything. You can also use your Flash Freeze to slow down your enemy and eliminate them.

Body: Scavenging – Scavenging is the best talent for any class, and the same goes for Firstborn class too. Every enemy you excite, your armor and health will get restored by Scavenging talent. Resources like these are hard to find when the level increases. So this healing talent can set a victory stage if used correctly.

Spirit: Thirsty – Thirsty is undoubtedly a great talent that improves the speed of potions and shards. Even if you don’t need to use it, you can share it with your team to heal the teammates 50%. Its mid-battle healing ability will save you and your team and will provide free shields.

Best Combination Attack

As suggested, Toxic should be secondary, because there’s an incredible connection between Toxic and Frost attacks. The way both of these elements connect, no other element in the game does. If you use the Toxic Cloud on the opponent and shoot it using Ice Lance, you can convert the whole cloud solid. So this combination fits perfectly and it can help you and your team a lot in battle.


Spells, levels, and talent all have their categories. Players have to choose something suitable for all these categories. Spellbreak is a new game, but the content and the experience of playing the game are stunning. Players can explore many unique combinations by investing time and effort.

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