Pokemon Sword and Shield: Everything You Should Know About Upcoming Crown Tundra

Pokemon Sword and Shield: Everything You Should Know About Upcoming Crown Tundra

Pokemon Company is always ready to introduce something special for the fans. In June, Pokemon Sword and Shield launched the Isle of Armor DLC for the fans, but there’s something more for players in October. The second Expansion Pass, Crown Tundra DLC, is going to arrive in Pokemon Sword and Shield next month. The upcoming Expansion Pass is going to be massive and unique because it will introduce some returning and new Pokemon to catch, a new world to explore, and many more things.

Fans were excited for the Isle of Armor, and for the Crown Tundra, the hype is on another level. Probably the Crown Tundra will bring new content in the game that includes new characters, storylines, gameplay modes, items, and Pokedex to fill. There’s so much about Crown Tundra that players should know, so here more details about what’s coming next.

Purchase Bonus

Fans that’ll purchase the Pokemon Sword Expansion Pass or the Pokemon Shield Expansion Pass will get some bonus outfits and items for their characters. The special outfit of Pikachu and Eevee will arrive in the bonus. Along with it, whoever purchases the new Expansion Pass bundle will receive extra 100 Pokeballs.

Confirmed Returned Pokemon

Similar to the Isle of Armor, Crown Tundra Expansion Pass will launch plenty of old Pokemon in Gen 8 Pokedex. The great thing about those Pokemon is that they all will be available for free, so players don’t require purchasing them individually. Players can also get the Pokemon through importing and trading via Pokemon Home.

Crown Tundra will launch a total of 100 previous generations Pokemon that includes Metagross, Crobat, Electrabuzz, Nidoking, and Walrein. Along with it, many legendary Pokemon will also take place in the game. More exciting thing is that in returning Pokemon, there will be some Galarian form of Legendary Pokemon that will arrive like: Zapdos (Fighting/Flying), Moltres (Dark/Flying), Articuno (Psychic/Flying).

A New Era

The first Expansion Pass sent the players to the Isle of Armor, and similarly, the second Expansion Pass will send the players to the new location called Crown Tundra. The new location is likely to be based in Scotland. The new area will allow the players to explore new snowy areas. Peony is the first character that will greet the players.

Dynamax Adventures in Raid Dens

Dynamax Adventure is the first game mode that will arrive in Pokemon Sword and Shield Crown Tundra DLC. The Dynamax Adventure will be a co-op mode. The following mode will allow a total of three trainers to play Max Raid Battles and explore the Pokemon Dens. Exploration of Pokemon will be a major part of the game. Through exploration, players will have the opportunity to catch legendary Pokemon like Ho-Oh, Giratina, Mewtwo, Lugia, and a few more.

Galarian Star Tournament

The Galarian Star Tournament will be the second mode of Crown Tundra. The following tournament will get unlocked during Crown Tundra’s story. In the following mode, players will be able to compete in 2v2 battles. The battle will also include some Pokemon Sword and Shield leaders. Some of the fans are confused about the tie-up situations of battles, but Game Freak and Pokemon Company have stated no comment on it.

The Expansion Pass Isle of Armor was a massive hit because of its new content and epic items. Game Freak and Pokemon Company are once again trying to catch up with the fans with the new Expansion Pass Crown Tundra. Indeed, the fans are excited about Crown Tundra as well. The great thing about Crown Tundra is that it is introducing two new game modes and new outfits for the characters.


There are numerous Pokemon in the Pokemon World, but there are few Pokemon that are fan-favorites. The majority of Legendary Pokemon are fan-favorite, and the upcoming Expansion Pass Crown Tundra DLC will include almost every Legendary Pokemon to enhance the competition and interest in the game.

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