Pokemon Go is All Set to Release Paris Fashion Week

Pokemon Go is All Set to Release Paris Fashion Week

Usually, the 7km eggs offer some regular Pokemon, but during the event, players will also get some fashionable event Pokemon.

The last few months for Pokemon Go were incredibly entertaining. Niantic has launched several interesting events for the players that resulted in gaining the number of players. The recent “Porygon Community Day” of Pokemon Go was a big hit. The majority of players participated in that single-day event to catch a unique Pokemon. These types of events increase the playtime and fan base of the game. During these events, players earn great XP and unique items. So it’s a win-win situation from both sides. Almost every player was satisfied with past events. Now once again, Pokemon Go is about to bring some new fashionable items for the Pokemon trainers.

The official Pokemon Go website stated that they would release some new cool attractive accessories next month. For the celebration, Longchamp Paris and The Pokemon Company have made collaboration. The celebration will begin at Paris Fashion Week, where they will release new accessories like backpacks. But that’s not everything trainers will get in the event. Trainers will also get fashionable Pokemon that will appear in wild, Raid Battles, hatching eggs, and challenges too.

The event is coming closer, and the expectations of fans are just getting higher. During the event, fans should focus on searching for Pokemon in the wild. Pokemon Go has informed that the chances of appearing fashionable Pokemon in the wild will be high. Usually, the 7km eggs offer some regular Pokemon, but during the event, players will also get some fashionable event Pokemon. Smoochum Pokemon hatches from 7km eggs, and during the event, it will show up wearing a bow. The Shinx and Kirlia will also show up wearing hats in the Raid Battle. If trainers are lucky, they’ll get the “Draining Kiss” move of Smoochum too. Croagunk will appear wearing a cool backward cap, and it will appear during a surprise GO Snapshot encounter.

This event is going to be massive. Pokemon with additional accessories is nothing new but trainers always participate in these types of events. A special thing about this event is that this time players will get Pokemon with new costumes and accessories. Some fan-favorite Pokemon will appear with new accessories. Pokemon like Minccino, Blitzle, Skitty, Kricketot, Mareep, Gothita, Cottonee, and many more will appear in the wild. If players are lucky, they’ll get the shiny form of Kricketot.

The event will offer special Pokemon in Field Research Tasks. Most of the Pokemon will appear in their new looks, but if trainers want to feel special, they can also get special items from the shop. Pokemon Go will allow the player to dress up during the fashion week. To get a new Longchamp avatar, players have to access the game shop section. In the shop, players will have many new available outfits. Fans are excited for this year’s fashion week and ready to show their style to other trainers. Currently, Zapdos Raid is ongoing, and Longchamp Fashion Week will start from next month. While catching the Legendary Pokemon, trainers can also enjoy Fashion Week. The Fashion Week will start on 2 October 2020 and will be over on 8 October 2020 at 10 PM.


This year Pokemon Go has introduced several unique events that forced the trainers to expand their Pokemon storage. Heatran, Cresselia, Articuno, and now Zapdos, Pokemon Go continuously provide epic Legendary Pokemon. Now this Fashion week will hype the game even more.

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