Mafia: Definitive Edition: Locate the Hidden Cars

Mafia: Definitive Edition: Locate the Hidden Cars

Once you reach the Fyer Dam, make sure to find the large building. Just behind the large building, you’ll find a garage to enter.

Mafia: Definitive Edition recently hit the PS4, Xbox One, and PC setups. To progress the game and earn the achievements, players have to complete the tasks. As compared to previous Mafia games, Mafia: Definitive Edition improved the visuals and missions to make the game highly interesting. Apart from the storyline missions, there are several achievement tasks available that players need to complete.

Players who are looking to obtain the “Car Thief Number One” achievement, they need to find a total of five hidden cars at “Lost Heaven.” All the following hidden cars are Manta Prototype, Trautenberg Sport, Disorder, Lassiter V16 Apollyon, and the Flame Spear. These are the following hidden cars that players have to find. However, some of the cards are hard to find because it requires proper clarification and knowledge of the map.

Before starting this mission, it is necessary to play the story mode. Furthermore, players have to enter the Free Ride mode to gather a total of 5 postcards. The postcards are pinned at the corkboard which is inside Bertone’s Autoservice. Specifically, the building is located at the Downtown. Once a player clears these two activities, they can start to locate the cars.

Mafia: Definitive Edition – Find Secret Cars Location

Trautenberg Sport

To get the first car, you must get inside the grey building which is situated in the middle of West & Sons and Casino on the west side of downtown. Equip the firearm and shoot at the path blocking crates. Once you destroy the crates, move towards the Trautenberg Sport. In case you’re unable to destroy the bottom crates, smash the upper two rows to climb.

Flame Spear

Flame Spear is the second hidden vehicle you have to find. The Flame Spear is located inside the garage that attached the chain at the east side of the Central Island. As compared to the Trautenberg Sport, finding Flame Spear will be an easier task for the players.

Manta Prototype

To find the third hidden car, you need to climb over the crates that are beside the “Wanted 8000 Laborers” sign. The following sign is at the Central Raid Station in the Works Quarter. Use the crate maze to jump over the maneuver and the wall. Once you reach your point, make sure to reach success at the grey garage. There you’ll find your third car Manta Prototype.


Once you reach the Fyer Dam, make sure to find the large building. Just behind the large building, you’ll find a garage to enter. Make sure to check out the right building, and once you have it, you’ll find your fourth hidden car Disorder.

Lassiter V16 Apollyon

It is your fifth and the final hidden car that you need to find. However, finding this car is not going to be an easy task. Keep a weapon when looking for Lassiter V16 Apollyon. Get to the Beech Hill and find the garage. Lassiter V16 Apollyon is also hidden in the garage, but to get it, you have to be ready for a short fight against Tommy Angelo. Tommy will stop you from entering the garage, so you have to deal with him first to get your final hidden car.

After locating all the hidden cars, you’ll receive a notification of mission passes, and you’ll achieve the “Car Thief Number One” achievement. However, it is not the only achievement mission you have to complete in the game. There are plenty of achievement missions available that you need to complete. However, the great thing is that you can complete those missions anytime.


Apart from hidden cars, there are Mystery Foxes, magazines, and cigarette cards achievement missions are available. Completing all these missions will offer various types of achievement trophies. While playing the achievement missions, you are allowed to play the storyline mission, but only one at a time. Mafia: Definitive Edition is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

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