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The Real Housewives of Orange County is an American reality show that debuted in 2006 and has aired fourteen seasons since then. The show focuses on the personal and professional lives of women residing in Orange County, California.

The show is starting to get criticized a lot lately; however, it has been a lot of fun watching all the drama over the years. A lot of cast members have already left the show, but we simply cannot forget the craziest moments we have seen since the first season of the series. The show became popular because of cheating accusations, fraud, and much more amongst the Real Housewives of Orange County cast members.

Do you want to freshen up the memory of the craziest moments in the sets of the show? Here we go!

Splashing the drink in Jeana Keough’s face

If you’re a crazy fan of the series, you’re likely to remember the classic move by Tamra Judge in season six. Tamra was going through a recent split with her husband Simon Barney, and both of them were pointing arguments.

Former housewife Jeana Keough was friends with Simon at that moment and mentioned the couple in an interview disagreeing with Tamra’s side story. When Tamra got to know about Jeana’s comments, she faced her at Vicki Gunvalson’s home. The argument led to Tamra splashing red wine in Jeana’s face while the other guests stood in shock.

Jeana tried to come back by throwing her drink at Tamra, but it landed on some other women. Furthermore, the other woman pushed Jeana, and before it became a huge scene, other guests jumped in to stop all the ongoing drama.

Eviction of Lynne Curtin on camera

Lynne was one of the least controversial cast members of RHOC; however; she landed up in a crazy moment where she got evicted on camera.

She became a part of the series in season 4 with her husband at the time Frank, and two daughters. The couple faced a lot of criticism because of their ill parental skills and spoiled teenage daughters.

There came a point when her husband Frank was facing an immense financial crisis, and she pretended to be unaware of the same. Not only she spent truckloads of money on her face-lift surgery, but also on a nose job for one of her daughters.

As the shooting moved to the next season, the family got trapped in huge debt, and during an episode, we saw the on-camera eviction, which was embarrassing for them.

The revelation of Shannon Beador husband’s affair

Shannon and her husband David were going through a troublesome marriage; however, a big revelation like David’s affair with another woman was an unexpected twist. The event happened right after the couple renewed their vows on camera in the previous season. Not only this, but a more surprising thing was Shannon’s decision to continue living with her betraying husband.

Gretchen accused of cheating her dying husband

Tamra Judge and Gretchen never got along since the very beginning and both of them got involved in a heated conversation during the season eight reunion. Gretchen was engaged to one of the wealthiest businessmen Jeff Beitzel who was suffering from leukemia.

All the women of the show were convinced that Gretchen is with her husband because of his money and she doesn’t care anymore. At the reunion, Tamra decided to face Gretchen and presented a proof in favor of herself. After Tamra leaked Gretchen’s affair pictures with another man, two blondes started a screaming match.

These were the top crazy moments of The Real Housewives of Orange County series. However, if you want to get hold of all the episodes, you can stream the same on Hulu.

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