Apple: Major Updates in iPadOS 14

Apple: Major Updates in iPadOS 14

With iPadOS 14, it has achieved all. This time Apple has pushed the platform with powerful updates to Apple Pencil, Safari, Siri, and so much more.

Do you know that your Apple tablet is no less than a laptop? Especially after updating it to the latest iPadOS 14 version. Apple has been trying to push the iPad to its limit for a long time now. With iPadOS 14, it has achieved all. This time Apple has pushed the platform with powerful updates to Apple Pencil, Safari, Siri, and so much more. So, let’s dive into the amazing experience iPadOS 14 has to offer. This article will tell you about the major updates so you can make the most of your newly updated iPadOS 14.


Apple has redesigned and streamlined the core elements of the iPad experience so that you can make full use of the iPad’s large canvas. The new screen design will allow you to work with more ease. The iPadOS 14s widgets have been redesigned in such a way so that you can get more information right from the Home Screen. You can also change the size of these widgets or add a Smart Stack as per your requirements. You won’t have to switch views any more just to get access to app functions, the new sidebar enhancement will pull down the whole menu for you from wherever you are in an application. Also, when you receive calls from your iPhone, FaceTime, or third-party apps, the caller screen won’t come in between your task taking the full screen, instead, it will be displayed in an all‑new compact design.


With iPadOS 14, Apple Pencil will now be handier and productive for you. As you can use it limitlessly to scribble in any text field to convert it into text. It can also be used to write a quick message or search for something in Safari. It won’t take much time to convert your handwriting automatically into typed text. Apple Pencil and iPadOS 14 are designed to make note-taking easier than ever. You just have to write on your iPad using the Apple Pencil, then you can very conveniently select your handwritten notes and copy them as text. You can simply scratch to erase a mistake and circle a word to select, copy, and move it. Apart from texts, drawing is also made easier. Draw any geometrical shape using a freehand and pause at the end of your drawing, it will automatically snap into perfect lines and arcs as it ideally should be.


Browsing has become an important part of our lives, and therefore, browsing the feel should be a seamless, fast, powerful, and private experience. So, iPadOS 14 has worked its way to provide more responsive and secure Safari.

Safari is known to be the world’s fastest tablet browser and with its improved JavaScript engine, it has been outperforming Windows. With Safari on iPadOS 14, you can check if a particular website treats your privacy. It will warn you if you are using an insecure password.


Siri, Apple’s voice assistant, get information and things done for you without you moving a hand. And with its all-new compact design, you can take even more advantage of everything Siri can do. Siri’s completely new and compact look will allow you to quickly get information while you stay focused on what you are doing. Siri is now more knowledgeable and can help you find answers to a broader set of questions by accessing web information. Also, you can now send audio messages with Siri to sound more expressive.

Apple has added many more interesting features to the iPadOS 14 than what could have been covered here. So, the rest is on you to discover. Happy exploring!

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