Apex Legends: Leak Reveals the Titanfall 2 Characters Will be Playable

Apex Legends: Leak Reveals the Titanfall 2 Characters Will be Playable

Along with the arrival of Season 6, players received a powerful defensive character “Rampart.” Usually, the new characters don’t fit well in their first season.

Apex Legends is among the top-rated Battle Royale games and every update related to new characters spreads like a storm. Recently the data mining has revealed that Apex Legends could expand the number of hero rosters in the future. The leak spread like a storm when the data miners connected it with the Titanfall 2.

The rumor of adding Titanfall 2 characters in the game is nothing new, but still, some fans started to trust this statement. There’s a possibility that characters of Titanfall 2 will arrive in the game. Data miners are consistently searching the files of the game to show legitimate proof to the community to support the claim. A Twitter user, Biast12 highlighted some new characters that might arrive in the next season. The following images of the characters that have been leaked on Reddit are players inquisitive about it. The names of the following characters are Ash, Valk, Firebug, Blisk, Husaria, and Horizon.

The majority of the leaked roaster Legends are Offensive type characters while the Firebug and Blisk are from the Recon class. Some of the Redditors claimed that the leaked information could be from the playtester, while some of the Apex Legends players are thinking that it could be for the marketing campaign. The information of data miners regarding Apex Legends seems a bit confusing.

In the previous months, Apex Legends released a couple of new things that include characters, new game mode, challenges, and new ways to progress the game. Some of the fans took time to adapt to the new system of the game, but ultimately it was a great deal for every player. Apart from the leaked information of the characters, a few characters recently launched. The new Legends are influential and own some incredible abilities. They enable the player to explore new ways to play, so here is some necessary information about a unique character of Season 6.


Along with the arrival of Season 6, players received a powerful defensive character “Rampart.” Usually, the new characters don’t fit well in their first season. Players also don’t use the new characters because of their low potential. However, Rampart broke this curse and became a fan-favorite just after the arrival. She owns a shield that charges three times and enables her defensive position.

Rampart’s Amped Cover offers a great advantage to its team. She builds an additional layer to cover and defend its teammates from the incoming attacks. Using this ability on higher ground or any tactical area offers additional advantage and boost. It charges every 30 seconds, and if the team attacks the opponent by crouching behind the shield, it damages 20% more. The wall also blocks the incoming attacks and allows the player to attack.

Sheila is the most extraordinary ability of Rampart that deals extreme damage on opponents. This ability is beneficial for any kind of battle. It’s an entirely shooting ability that players can access if they have Rampart. Even though this ability has a massive damage value, it has a downside as well. While using this ability, it leaves Rampart vulnerable. However, if the player is in one on one situation, this ability can help a lot.

There’s one thing that players need to remember about her Amped Cover ability. Indeed, this ability works like an absolute defense for Rampart, but a grenade can tear down the defensive wall. So when using the Amped Cover, make sure to be alert from the grenades. Players usually don’t use Grenades, but anything is possible on the battlefield.


Players of Apex Legends are always ready to play with new characters and challenges, which is why data miners spend time exploring them a lot. Sometimes the information they provide is somewhere accurate, but until the official release, it’s hard to believe any rumor. However, the new Season 6 character Rampart is a unique character that owns some unique abilities. The majority of players are using her because of her powerful offensive and defensive skills.

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