Among Us: The Perfect Imposter Strategies on Polus

Among Us: The Perfect Imposter Strategies on Polus

Helping or covering the opponent can be a good option to gain trust. You can also help an innocent player in the last section to avoid getting suspected. If you

Among Us has earned a milestone of having more than a million simulation players. In the game, players have to make strategies and sharpen their skills even if they are playing as Imposter or Crew. The crewmates are always difficult to trick, and they are also very reactive. However, an experienced Imposter always has some tricks in mind which they can use to hunt down every Crewmate.

In the game, it’s never an easy task to hide the true nature. Without the strategies and proper mindset, it is very difficult to hunt down crewmates. Apart from the crewmates, the difficulty of the match also depends on the chosen map. Among all the maps, Polus is packed with extreme difficulties. Polus is the largest and widely spread map of the game, and crewmates usually follow the strategy to stick around on this map. Imposters usually face difficulties on this map, because finding and splitting the isolated crewmates is never an easy task.

There’s a decontamination chamber on this map that can seal any player whoever enters. Imposters can use it by gaining the trust of crewmates and lead them to the right side of the map. When you lock yourself in the decontamination chamber with the Crewmate, you just need to kill and use the vents that are placed in every room alongside the chamber.

You can also find a malfunctioning door in Polus. Those doors have greyed lines, and you can spot them easily. So if you find any crewmate fiddling with that door, make sure to ambush them.

The only problem is that Security and Admin have most of the access and they can catch you whatever you’re doing. The ground area on Polus is huge, and crews use it to take cover, which is why it becomes tough for the admin to access and check out the security cameras. All you need to check your surroundings and find the Lights or Systematic Stabilizer to shoot.

To trick the Crewmate, you can make them count you as their Crewmate. You need to gain the trust of crewmates and be honest with them. You have to maintain your aggression, and keep it under control to avoid suspicion. However, if you play a bit noob, they’ll less suspect you.

Usually, the crew ejects themselves, but when you are in the early levels, you have to create your credibility. Helping or covering the opponent can be a good option to gain trust. You can also help an innocent player in the last section to avoid getting suspected. If you successfully build a tie between the two crewmates, they’ll face the next round, and you’ll remain clear.

Unlike other maps, the camera plays a major part in Polus. Crewmates usually keep an eye on imposters using the cameras. If you are stabbing someone and a crewmate saw you doing it, you’ll fall into big trouble. So beware of any of these types of mistakes. You can see the cameras on the walls around you. If those cameras are showing a red light, it means someone is watching you. So avoid any type of violence or suspicious activity.

While playing with strategy, you can use the Oxygen and Weapons to ambush the crewmates. You can find the weapons in the vent above the room, which is completely hidden. Any crewmate who is also playing the weapon task won’t be able to see the vent of the imposter. In the same way, you can also use oxygen for an easy kill.


The battle between imposters and crewmates is really interesting. Without playing with strategy will leave the players nowhere. However, in some situations, players have to help their opponent to get a better opportunity for killing.

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