All About the Brand-New Xiaomi Smart Speakers with Google Assistant

All About the Brand-New Xiaomi Smart Speakers with Google Assistant

have also been trying to expand their reach and create good smart speakers.

Xiaomi is a Chinese multinational electronics company founded almost a decade ago. This company is highly known for its affordable electronic gadgets and apps. They have also been trying to expand their reach and create good smart speakers. You will find only a few Mi smart speakers powered with their own XiaoAI voice assistant, but that’s limited to Chinese users only.

Recently, they have come up with yet another Mi smart speaker, but that is available in India only. Their latest creation is also going to be the first-ever Xiaomi smart speaker to be available outside China. This Mi Smart Speaker is powered by Google Voice Assistant and features two far-field microphones. Despite the political tension between China and India, this speaker will be available inside the Indian borders for $49 only.

The speaker is available only in a matte-stone black finish which will go on sale from 1st October. It comes with a built-in Chromecast that will enable the users to stream audio while watching TV. Feel free to purchase a pair of these speakers for an authentic stereo sound experience. One can also use it to create a multi-room setup. This speaker also features a 12W 2.5-inch front-facing speaker with DTS-tuned sound for a better and richer audio experience.

Despite being an affordable speaker, the company has used a metal mesh casing instead of plastic or any low-grade material. The company ensures a sturdy build in the metal casing of the speaker. It also adds up to the premium look of the speaker. The specifications don’t end here; it also has some touch-sensitive buttons on its head (top side) for volume adjustments, play & pause, and turning on or off the microphone. Note that it does not have any physical microphone mute switch.

The Mi Smart Speaker also has a ring light at the top that gives it a ‘Music Lighting’ effect. Apart from the physical features, these speakers support dual-band Wi-Fi (2.4GHz and 5GHz) and Bluetooth 4.2 (which isn’t the latest but works fine). The company has not given any information regarding the availability of these speakers in other markets, especially in the US. It could be because of the executive order by the United States that brought new restrictions on tech imports from China.

Coming back to its features and specs, this speaker comes with a DC power supply port on the rear. When you pair the Mi Smart Speaker with the Google Home app, you can use it for controlling all the smart home devices supported by Google. This support also includes several IoT devices Xiaomi had launched a long time ago. Xiaomi already offers voice control-enabled remote on their smart TVs, and now, you can also use the Mi Smart Speaker for controlling your Mi Smart TVs or any other smart Android OS TV. For Indian users, Google has extended its support for both English and Hindi languages for accessing the Google Assistant on the smart speakers.

Along with the Mi Smart Speaker, the company has also launched the Mi Watch Revolve, Mi Smart Band 5, Mi Athleisure Shoes, Mi Smart LED Bulb White, and Mi Automatic Soap Dispenser. And out of all these products, Only the Mi Smart Band 5 is available on sale in other international markets. Xiaomi has not mentioned anything about the launch of any of their gadgets in the international borders yet. As soon as they announce anything, we will share the word and other essential details with you.

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